Maharana Pratap Biography

Maharana Pratap Biography

The entire army of Mewar was scattered. Wealth property nothing was left. While organizing the army and saving himself from the Mughal soldiers, he was wandering in the forest along with the royal family. The whole family had not eaten for many days. There was some flour nearby. So now lets read the great king Maharana Pratap Biography.

Maharana Pratap Biography
Maharana Pratap Biography

His wife made rotis. Everyone was preparing to eat, when a wild tomcat picked up the rotis. The whole family was left starving. The condition of the children was getting serious due to hunger. Seeing such a condition, the wife again made rotis of grass, after which the whole family quenched their hunger.

The great man whom the countrymen always remember as the protector of freedom, sacrifice, constant struggle and freedom, his name is ‘Maharana Pratap’.

He put his life at stake for the ideals, values ​​of life and freedom. For this reason, the name of Maharana Pratap is still immortal in the history of our country as a great patriot.

Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1549 in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. Since childhood, he was full of valor. He got the values ​​of pride, respect, self-respect and freedom in his ancestral form.

The personality of Rana Pratap has become a symbol of such unbeatable virility and indomitable courage that as soon as his name comes, the feelings of self-respect, freedom-love and love for the country are awakened in the mind.

The Mughal emperor Akbar was an ambitious ruler. He wanted to expand his empire over the whole of India. After subjugating many small states, he fought on the kingdom of Mewar. At that time Mewar was ruled by Rana Udai Singh.

In the war with Rana Udai Singh, Akbar captured a large part of the state including Chittor, the capital of Mewar. Rana Udai Singh established a new capital named Udaipur.

At the time of becoming the ruler of Pratap in 1572, the state was facing a very difficult situation. The difficult task of protecting Mewar’s independence and traditional honor from the aggressive Mughal army, full of strength and resources, was waiting for Pratap’s courage.

It was natural to have a conflict between Akbar’s desire to expand the empire and Rana Pratap’s determination to protect his independence. Akbar had made such a diplomatic strategy against Rana Pratap that he had to fight with the Mughal army as well as the Rajput army led by Man Singh.

Not only this, Rana’s Anuj Shakti Singh also joined the war on behalf of the Mughal army. In such an odd situation, Maharana did not give up courage and along with his small army, took a front in Haldighati.

In the Battle of Haldighati, the Mughal army had to chew gram. The Mughal army suffered heavy losses due to Rana’s destructive attack, but the injured Rana had to withdraw from the battlefield due to the pressure of the huge Mughal military power.

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Sardar Jhala, Rana’s favorite horse Chetak and Anuj Shakti Singh got special fame from this incident. Sardar Jhala sacrificed himself to save Rana Pratap. He himself wore the crown of Rana, due to which the enemy started attacking Jhala considering him as Rana Pratap.

The horse Chetak gave up his life only after bringing the injured Rana out of the battlefield safely and Shakti Singh repented of his earlier conduct by helping Rana in the time of crisis. The Battle of Haldi Ghati is a famous event in Indian history. This did not end the conflict between Akbar and Rana, but the beginning of a long struggle.

Rana Pratap changed his war policy according to the time and circumstances and caused heavy losses to the Mughal army by stopping the traffic of the enemy army and adopting the policy of guerrilla warfare.

Due to this the legs of the Mughal army started to crumble. Gradually, Rana Pratap freed the entire state of Mewar from the authority of the Mughals except Chittor, Ajmer and Mandalgarh.

For more than 20 years, Rana Pratap fought with the Mughals. During this period he had to face difficulties and odd circumstances. All the forts had gone out of their hands.

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He had to wander from one hill to another with his family. On many occasions his family had to quench hunger with wild fruits. Still, the determination of Rana Pratap remained as unshakable and invincible as the Himalayas.

He had vowed, “I will never accept the subjugation of the Mughals and will eat on the leaves and sleep on the ground until I regain control of Chittor.

This pledge of hers had a huge impact on the people of Mewar and she was associated with Rana Pratap in the struggle.

In this hour of crisis, for the safety of Mewar, his minister Bhabhashah handed over all his property to Rana Pratap. From the time he ascended the throne in the year 1572 till his death in 1597, Rana Pratap displayed amazing courage, bravery and the spirit of sacrifice.

Mewar was an important and powerful state in northern India. During the time of Rana Sanga, almost all the rulers of Rajasthan were organized under him. Therefore, protecting the sovereignty of Mewar and maintaining its independence was the paramount goal of Rana Pratap’s life. For this he lived and died.

Yuvraj Amar Singh was used to a comfortable life. Maharana was most concerned about this in his dying condition that Amar would not be able to fight for the protection of Mewar. Due to this worry, his life was not able to leave the body. They were seeking a promise to protect Mewar from the Yuvraj and Rajput chieftains.

Understanding their mood, Amar Singh and the present Rajput chieftains resolved to free Mewar till their last breath. On getting assurance, he gave up his life.

The name of Rana Pratap is immortal in our history as a great patriot. Appreciating the indomitable courage and valor of Veer Maharana Pratap.

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