Mahatma Gandhi Essay in Assamese Pdf Download

Mahatma Gandhi Essay in Assamese

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My life is my message” to a free awake human society, the best of which is; The image of truth, non-violence and human love will realize the life-long pursuit of truth, non-violence and freedom of Mahatma Gandhi.

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However, muni-pungwe, whose uncouth durbar shakti is bowed to, freely accepted — Gandhiji is one of the greatest politicians in the world. This great man, a seeker of truth, a lover of human beings, a freedom fighter, has been honoured by the Indian nation as Bapuji, the father of the nation.

Mahatma Gandhi Essay in Assamese

Birth and Genealogy:
At a time when the British did not die in the British Empire, at a time when the British ruled the earth with the power of repression, the uninhibited reign of sovereignty in the world,by brutal rule and shashana jinjiri, etc.,

Gandhiji was appeared as the savior of the fort at Parebandar in Gujrat on Friday, October 2, 1869, when helpless, weak nations cried out for oppression and torture, which was fully known as Mahandas Karmachand Gandhi. Father Karmchand Gandhi and mother Putlibai were from the uttam religious Vaishnava community.

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