Manoj Das Biography in Odia Pdf Download

Manoj Das Biography in Odia

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Manoj Das Biography in Odia

Manoj Das was born on 24 February 1936 in the village of Shankhari in Baleshwar district. The first two children in the family, the second and the second daughter, are the fifth and youngest. Under the influence of Mother Kadambini Devi, Manoj Das’s reverence for the Ramayana and the Mahabharata was born from an early age.


He later described the two books as “sources of supernatural power.” While studying at Balasore District School, he developed various aspects of his personality.

At that time, his elder brother Manmath Nath Das was a history professor at Fakir Mohan College. The house where they lived was the residence of Basakbi Fakir Mohan Senapati. Realizing this, Manoj Das’s heart and soul were filled with creativity.

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While studying in Balasore, his first collection of books, The Hunger of the Sea, was published, and at that time he began editing the Diganta magazine. He later joined the leftist movement.

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In 1952, during his first year at Fakir Mohan College, he was elected President of the Student Union and Vice President of the State Students Federation. He graduated from Puri Samanta Chandrashekhar College in 1955 and studied law in Cuttack. At that time, his essays were published in various English magazines, including a collection of short stories “Taste of Life”.

He attended a student conference in Indonesia as president of the Utkal University Law College Students’ Union in 1956, and taught English at Ravensa College in 1956 after graduating with an English degree. That year, two important events in his life began.

Re-publication of Diganta monthly magazine and marriage to Promise Devi, daughter of Kujang royal family. Throughout India, the Kujang royal family, one of the Rajarajuda, was fully involved in the independence movement.

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