Mantra Sadhana in Odia | Vashikaran Mantra in odia

Mantra Sadhana in Odia

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Mantra Sadhana in Odia
Mantra Sadhana in Odia

Apsara Sadhana :-
Many such miraculous sadhnas are described in Hindu religion, which, if proven, can make a person the owner of many miraculous powers. Apsara sadhna is also one of the miraculous sadhna which fulfills the desire of the person who wants ‘attractive personality’. The person who gets success in Apsara Sadhana: acquires beauty, form, youth and attractiveness etc. naturally. Doing Apsara sadhna is considered fruitful even in failure in love relationship, delay in marriage and attainment of enjoyment.

Vashikaran Mantra in odia

Apsaras are the beauties of heaven who, along with performing dance and singing in the court of Indradev, have been doing the work of breaking the penance of sages and sages from time to time by their delusion. And for this reason, he has also had to become the object of curse from time to time by the sages. The description of many Apsaras is found in the religious scriptures, in which: Ghritachi, Rambha, Urvashi, Tilottama, Menaka and Kunda are considered to be prominent. Urvashi Apsara is considered the most powerful and it is a bit difficult to prove it.

Apsaras also have a divine power in themselves which can fulfill every wish of the person. On completion of Apsara sadhana, she directly gives darshan to the person and accordingly fulfills all his desires. The person who proves Apsara sadhna automatically becomes proficient in form, beauty, art, along with this Apsara also fulfills all his wishes.

According to the religious puranas, Apsara Sadhana / (Apsara Sadhana Vidhi Mantra) is a simple and fast-giving spiritual practice. But if seen from the real point of view, no matter what the sadhana is, the person has to go through big tests in order to achieve perfection in it. Even in Apsara sadhna, repeated attempts are made to disturb the sadhna of the native and most of the natives leave the sadhna as soon as they feel the slightest fear.

Full faith, determination, concentration and guidance of a qualified guru is the key to success in sadhana. Therefore, before starting any sadhna, adopt all these things in life and only then start sadhna.

From beginning to completion of any sadhna, one should lead a life like a sage-saint. During this time it is necessary to control your desires and desires.

Apsara Sadhana Vidhi Mantra
Apsara Sadhana Method :-
Choose a secluded room in the house. Now establish a post in this room towards the east and spread red clothes on it. Install Apsara’s picture on this post. Wear a flower necklace on this picture. Now you sit in front of the post by laying a seat. Light a lamp of ghee, keep offerings of Panchmeva, keep water in a pot.

The mantra is as follows:-

ଓମ୍ ରଂ କ୍ଷମ୍ ରମ୍ଭେ ଆଗଛ ଆଗଛ କ୍ଷ୍ୟମ୍ ରଂ ଓମ୍ ନମଃ

Taking water in hand, first take a resolution and then start chanting the mantra. There is no limit to chanting mantras in this sadhna. Therefore, chant the mantra in equal quantity daily according to your ability. Use a rhinestone garland for chanting the mantra. In this way, by doing this work for seven days, Apsara appears directly in front of the person. At that time the person should wear a garland of rose flowers around the neck of Apsara and take a promise to be with him.

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