Mayadhar Mansingh Granthabali Pdf Download [Odia]

Mayadhar Mansingh Granthabali

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Mayadhar Mansingh is a memorable talent in the modern Odia literary world. He is a successful poet, essayist, critic, translator, travelogue, editor has gained fame as a.

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Today is the birth anniversary of that great litterateur. Several dignitaries including Odisha Sahitya Akademi and Odia Language, Literature and Culture department paid homage on the occasion.

Mayadhar Mansingh was born in Puri on November 13, 1905. Mayadhar Mansingh gave him a new look at nationalist consciousness and mahatma gandhi’s social consciousness. It was not just that he was a poet of love. He was running his own writing on almost all issues. In the tradition of Odia poetry there is love conscious poetry.

Mayadhar Mansingh Granthabali

But Mayadhar Mansingh has succeeded in trying to bring them all to their level and bring them to the level of lyrical poetry. Not only that, he has written huge literature as an essayist and a playwright”, said Harihar Mishra, president of Odisha Sahitya Akademi.

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Mayadhar Mansingh is more known and popular as a poet of love and love. But among his saraswat contributions are drama, essays, biographies, stories and translations and lyrics in addition to poetry. There is no section of literature in which he has not conducted his writings.

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