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Mera Priya Khel Nibandh 500 Words

Introduction : Playing sports is an important activity for every human being. It holds benefits. Also, it keeps people away from all diseases. It is necessary for every person to have physical hobby.

Most importantly, a lot of nutritionists and doctors recommend it. Some interesting sports are cricket, basketball, football, tennis, badminton etc. My personal favorite sport is football.

My favorite sport – (Football)

I also loved cricket when I was a kid but was never good at it. So I changed my hobby to football. Football was new to me in class 3. I didn’t play well in the beginning.

But I really liked the game. So I started practicing it. As a result, I started playing it well. In class 4 I became the captain of my class football team.

At that time I was very excited to be the captain. Over time, I learned a lot about football. A total of 22 players play in football. Players are divided into two teams. There are 11 players in each team.

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These players have to play with the ball only with the feet. They have to kick the ball into the goal post of the other teams. Football is not like cricket. Weather is not a problem in football. So that players can play it throughout the year.

Besides football, there is a sport of stamina. Players have to run across the field for the entire game. That too for 90 minutes. Since 90 minutes is a lot, there is division of time. There are two stages. The first is for 45 minutes. Similarly, the second half is also of 45 minutes.

Mera Priya Khel Essay in Hindi

Football Field

Two 11-player teams play a game on turf or synthetic ground 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. White lines across the field at 10-yard intervals, starting at zero at each end and marking the 50-yard line mid-field.
Small white hash marks at 1-yard intervals help players, officials and fans to more accurately measure team progress. There is an end zone 10 yards deep beyond each goal line. This is where the points go up.

Each team defends its own end zone. When the offensive team, who has the ball, can fight through defenders and get the ball into their opponent’s end zone, it scores points.

Football Scheduling

The regulation time for a football game is one hour, divided into four 15-minute quarters. Halftime between quarters two and three gives each team 12 minutes to be called off-field to discuss strategy.

Teams, among other quarters, have two minutes to change the defending end zones. Each half of the game begins with the defensive team kickoff, passing the ball to the offensive side.

Rules in Football Game

Soccer is played by some of the most powerful athletes in the sport, sometimes upwards of 300 pounds, who often throw themselves at each other at full speed. Without rules, sports can become a spectacle of injuries and unfair advantages.

The NFL and NCAA promote comprehensive and constantly evolving rules regulating protective uniform and equipment standards, legal handling and blocking practices, standards for equal conduct for players, and fair scoring.

Fans want to see intense competition but appreciate rules that keep the game fair and keep players safe to play another day.


Sports should be a part of our daily routine. I love playing hockey and it helps in refreshing my mood. The great National Sports Day is celebrated every year in India.

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