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Motivational Speech in English

I Found That Nothing in Life
Unless You Take Risks
Nelson Mandela Said:
” There Is No
Passion to Be Found
Playing Small
Settling for a Life That’s Less
Than the
One You’re Capable of Living”
Now I’msure in Your Experiences in School
and Applying to College
Picking Yourmajor
and Deciding What You Want to Do with Life
I’m Sure People That Told You
to Make Sure You Have Something to Fallback on
Make Sure You’ve Got Somethingto Fall Back on
Honey but I Never Understood That Concept
Having Something to Fall Back on
If I’m Going to Fall
I Don’t Want to Fall Back on Anything
I Want to Fall Forward
I Figure at Leastthis Way
I’ll See What I’m Going to Hit
Without Consistency
You’ll Never Finish
So Do What You Feel Passionate About
Passionate About
Take Chances
Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
There’s an Old Iq Test
There’s an Old Iq Test Nine Dots
and You Had to
Draw Five Lines with a Pencil
Within These Nine Dots
Without Lifting the Pencil
the Only Way to Do It Was to Go Outside the Box
Don’t Be Afraid to
Think Outside the Box
Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Big
to Dream Big
but Remember
Without Goals
Are Just Dreams
Reggie Jackson Struck Out
26 Hundred Times in His Career
the Most
in the History of Baseball
but You Don’t Hear About the Strikeouts
People Remember the Homeruns
Fall Forward
Thomas Edison Conducted
1,000 Failed Experiments
Did You Know That I Didn’t Know That
Because the
1,001st Was the Light Bulb
Fall Forward
Every Failed Experiment
Is One Step Closer to Success
You’ve Got to Take Risks
and I’m Sure You Probably Heard That Before
but I Want to Talk to You About

Why That’s Important
You Will Fail
at Some Point in Your Life
Accept It ,You Will Lose
You Will Embarrass Yourself
You Will Suck at Something
There’s No Doubt About It
and I Know That’s Probably
Not a Traditional Message for a Graduation Ceremony Today
I’m Telling You Embrace
It Because It’s Inevitable
in the Acting Business You Fail All the Time
Early on in My Career
I Auditioned for a Part in a Broadway Musical
Perfect Role for Me I Thought
Except for the Fact That I Can’t Sing
I Didn’t Get the Job
but Here’s the Thing
I Didn’t Quit
I Didn’t Fall Back
I Walked Out of There to Prepare
for the Next Audition
and the Next Audition and the Next Audition
I Prayed I Prayed and I Prayed
but I Continue to Fail and Fail and Fail
but It Didn’t Matter Because You Know What
There’s an Old Saying
“You Hang Around the Barbershop Long Enough Sooner or Later
You’re Going to Get a Haircut”
So You Will Catch a Break
and I Did Catch a Break
Last Year
I Did a Play Called Fences on Broadway
but Here’s the Kicker
It Was at the Court Theatre
It Was at the Same Theatre
That I Failed at First Audition
30 Years Prior
the Point Is
Every Graduate Here Today Has the Training
and the Talent to Succeed
but Do You Have the Guts to Fail
If You Don’t Fail
You’re Not Even Trying
I’ll Say It Again
If You Don’t Fail You’re Not Even Trying to Get Something
You Never Had You Have to Do Something You Never Did
Imagine You’re on Your Deathbed
and Standing Around Your Deathbed
Are the Ghosts Representing Your Unfulfilled Potential
the Ghosts of the Ideas You Never Acted on.

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