Mridul Tiwari Biography A Youngest Youtuber

Mridul Tiwari Biography

Mridul Tiwari Biography, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sister, Family ( Mridul Tiwari Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sister, Family).
In this post you will read about the biography of Mridul Tiwari, the popular YouTube creator of India. Mridul is a very talented comedian and photographer, he is active on YouTube since 2018 and has achieved a lot at such a young age. At present, his YouTube channel has more than 7.5 million subscribers and many videos have been viewed by more than 100 people. Mridul is included in the top 10 YouTuber of India in the list released by YouTube.

Mridul Tiwari Career

Mridul Tiwari was born on 7 March 2000 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Mridul did his schooling from the private Arya Deep Public School in Greater Noida. He was very mischievous since childhood and always tried to do something new. He wanted to study hotel management but later chose YouTube as his career. He graduated from Meerut University with B.Sc.

Mridul Tiwari started a YouTube channel named “The Mridul” along with his sister Pragati Tiwari at the age of 18 and made the first video titled Sister vs Girlfriend in October 2018. His video went viral and the audience liked it very much. Within a year, his YouTube channel had more than 1 lakh subscribers.

He makes most of his videos on school and village life, in which the desi style of his and his entire team is very much liked by the people. In today’s time, almost every video of his remains in the trending list. Mridul credits his success to his sister Pragati and his entire team. All this has been possible today only because of everyone being together.

Mridul Tiwari Family

Mridul lives with his family in Noida. His family consists of grandparents, parents and an elder sister. He acts with his sister in his YouTube videos.

Mridul Tiwari Girlfriend

Mridul Tiwari is currently unmarried and is not in a relationship with anyone. He is only concentrating on his career and is trying to take his desi acting to every corner of the country.

Facts related to Mridul Tiwari

  • Mridul Tiwari has both Silver Play Button and Golden Play Button from YouTube.
  • Mridul does not smoke and consume alcohol
  • Mridul Tiwari among top 10 YouTube creators in India
  • Mridul has millions of followers across all social media platforms.
  • Mridul lives in Noida with his family and he shoots most of the videos at his farmhouse.
  • Mridul Tiwari has got golden play button from YouTube

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