New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021 Gapa Sahanasilata

New odia fairy tales story 2021 gapa is very famous in odisha due to folk tales. Odisha is very fantastic state overall India. Because in this state we found the hits of new new odia fairy tales stories. Let’s read today’s odia story pdf.

New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021
New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021

New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021 Gapa

1st story sahana shilata

New odia fairy tales story 2021 : A young man asked a poor man on the street, “What is God?” What is religion? The fakir did not say anything. Suddenly, he slapped her on the cheek. The young man left without saying anything. At this time another fakir was coming from the front. The young man approached him and asked the same question.

Hearing the young man’s question, the second fakir, without answering, picked up the stick he was holding in his hand and chased him away. The young man was surprised. What’s the matter One slaps and the other wants to be beaten. Asked the young man.


“What’s the matter? Are you going to beat me with a stick when you first slap me in the face? ”


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On hearing this, the fakir said, “Go to the first fakir, he is very merciful, so he just slapped you.”

The young man went to the first fakir again. This time the fakir politely called him into his hut and asked, “What will you ask? Ask what comes to mind. ”

The young man was shocked to see Fakir’s behavior for the second time, and he wanted to know from Fakir about his past and present behavior.

odia fairy tales story
Odia fairy tales story

“God is the image of religion and love,” said the fakir. But the beat of love is very sharp. Can you stand it? I was testing that. Because after the beating you came to me to know about God, ah, now sit next to me. ”

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The young man went and sat at Fakir’s feet, Fakir said, “In order to find God, you have to learn patience. Patience is the first lesson of religion, you can do it to get to God because you have passed that lesson. ” In this way the young man learned the first lesson of religion because of his endurance.

2nd odia fairy tales story good boy

Ava was very happy to see me. A sister sees her brother in the mother-in-law’s house and gets crores of money. Ava is very angry with me again. Ava was twelve years old when her father died. She is the youngest of five children. I don’t have a sister, I have a daughter.

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“I went inside the house. A few days later, I came to Ava’s house.” My nephew Dugu is a heavy nut bed. It has been almost eight months since Ava came home.

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There is no place for personal happiness in the military service. I always have to think for the country. When will the bullet die? Who will say that Arthur will not be lucky enough to be covered with a national flag!


Ava comes home first.


Seeing me, I called Ava Dugu, A Dugu, see who is coming. Dugu did not respond. Ava felt bad. “Brother, what do you think! My mother didn’t answer even though she called me so many times!”. Her voice made me feel a little angry.


New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021
New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021

After reading her mind, I said, “Children, what a game it is. The children are very imaginative.” He thinks a lot. Many questions bother him sometimes.


We know Ava we are not exactly what we think of children. They are very sensitive. They are very self-conscious.

Mani. We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “


We parents only care about ourselves. We want to make our choice a river in their heads. What they can’t do is wait for her to be her child. As a result, we say that the child is suffering from depression and the parents are diabetics.


Oh brother how long have you been here? Did you read so much by looking at my face? Your bus makes me your favorite tea a little. There is no doubt. What are you going to sit alone. That’s why I was calling Dugu.


Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

The bedroom door is open, it won’t be there. Towards the garden. The school, tuition, games are all closed for the corona. The child is very upset. He is alone in the house. It’s ten o’clock. See, I opened the book account and put it in this drawing room and went to Latin.

Kaiki is cutting from tomorrow. Come from the toilet and see Dugu.

“Hey, I’m looking at her. She pushed the bedroom door and saw my seven-year-old nephew, Dugu, lying on the bed and laughing at what he saw on the phone. I see

odia fairy tales story
odia fairy tales story

While her concentration is being broken. He broke his neck and looked at me in surprise and said Uncle! You! He bowed to me and said, “When did you come?”

At the same time. And what were you looking at on the phone?

The old finger in my mouth signaled to me to be silent. I also put the old finger in my mouth and said softly, “What happened?”


Uncle, uncle would be angry to know. That’s why I’m watching “Mute Patlu” on the phone at the soundless door. Will you see

Total Pat Lu !!


I agreed to see Mund Tungari. He said with a chuckle, “Look, Uncle, look at this whole, heavy Samosa, dear Samosa, if it is not for her, then her mind is not burning.” Do you know what dialogue is?


Chingim ke changulse bach na impsabul.

Who said this?


Pat Lu. Motu and Pat Lu are the two best friends. They lived in the city of Fur Furi. They do a great job. “I am just happy to be free.”

There are two more Habil Dars.Habil Dar Hera Singh and Ferhi Lal.Hhera Singh tells Chingam to Apt Top Ho Hindustan Ki Hop Ho Sir.Ferilal says, U. R. Veri Great Sir, But Bar Little Little Sir.

Hey Bai Dugu we remember so much!

How many more things will Uncle hear !!

Yes ….

Seeing my curiosity, Dugu talked about the whole “Patu Pat Lu” thing. I’m just amazed at the memory of the child’s memory these days.

New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021
New Odia Fairy Tales Story 2021

At this point, Ava stopped calling, “Brother, where are you?” Dugu sat down on the phone like a golden child and sat quietly. I said hey Dugu and I are in this bedroom.

Did Dugu fall asleep?

Nai Nai is talking to me. Ava tea and ginger garlic brought raw chillies. You are my uncle’s nephew. I cook.

Hey you go

Uncle Mama didn’t interrogate you today as if you were a police officer. Nale would have said that Dugu Itz is a bad man.

Is it really Nati Bay’s job to see the whole thing?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Hey, I’m good.

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