New odia shayari for your girlfriend

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New Odia Shayari for your girlfriend

It will be about ten-thirty at night. Sitting in the drawing room watching TV. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Who is calling so late at night? Before I could open the door, I stopped and thought about it. If anyone had brought a small child to the bow, it was over. Thakur and Guru had the blessings of Bou. “People are coming and going to our house from morning till night because of their faith.”


One morning, one or two people were waiting in line for the door to open. Say, sir! Call Mom. The boy was crying all night. The deposit is not sleeping. I say, don’t take it to the doctor. They say we will take it to the doctor if it doesn’t decrease after the mother sweeps. I have to give up because of his strong faith. By the way, Vishnu’s argument is far from over in faith. When the child’s parents bow to Bow, Bow says politely, “Hey, I don’t have anything.” Whatever it is, it is the will of the Lord.


“Everything was going well until Bowie was in good health. As he got older, Bowie found it a little difficult to do this.” Therefore, in view of his poor health, he is often reluctant to expel children. Of course, crying does not endure the child’s pain, and he comes back and shakes the child. But when Bo came to bed at night, if anyone came, it was over. At the same time, the child’s parents are holding the crying child in his arms and begging him to call her. Don’t go for less that your full potential. It’s a problem to call Bowie once she’s asleep. That’s why I was a little confused as to who knocked on the door at night.


Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Bow’s homeopathic medicine is gone. Bowie’s medicine is supposed to come from a homeopathic doctor at Mastercanteen Square. Bower doesn’t understand when he brings medicine from Jagatsinghpur. He is confident that bringing medicine from a doctor in Bhubaneswar will cure his condition. However, more often than not, the patient’s trust in the doctor rather than the medicine strengthens his or her self-confidence, which helps him or her recover faster. I have realized this myself many times after bringing medicine from Jagatsinghpur and giving it to Bow. Whatever the case, I decided to go to Bhubaneswar the next morning to fetch medicine for Bo. When I thought of going to Bhubaneswar, I suddenly wondered why Kejani had gone to Puri to eat abhara. I thought I would get on the bike in the morning and take the medicine from the master canteen to Puri at exactly nine o’clock. After Thakur’s visit, I will return home after two o’clock. With that in mind, I went to bed. The idea of ​​going to Puri keeps anyone in mind.


It is said that Lord Jagannath could not be visited and tried without a rope. I slept so hard at night as to fall asleep that I woke up in the morning at the behest of my wife. “It’s seven o’clock,” he told me. You can go to Bhubaneswar to get medicine. I hurriedly woke up. I looked at the wall clock. It was seven o’clock. It would take at least an hour to complete the routine. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get to Bhubaneswar before ten. If you call the doctor at ten o’clock, one and a half o’clock will ring when you bring the medicine. When will I go to Puri again?


Manta got very bad. Probably the Lord’s rope didn’t work. But no matter how much I understand the desire to eat the food in my mind, it does not subside. On the contrary, from time to time, that desire is strengthened. So I did not give up and immediately began to finish my daily routine. I thought my number might drop sooner if the doctor had fewer people today.


As I was leaving the bike after completing my daily routine, another urgent task arrived that I had not been able to get out of. At that moment, one of Utkalmani Gopbandhu’s verses came to mind.

In the world of waste

Sansari Soda with friends

Where do you want to go?

In the world, not your own mind.

Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense.


It has been filled several times before. Anand has also eaten a lot in the bazaar. But never before in his life had such an interest in eating so much been eaten. I rode my bike at a high speed, not stopping anywhere else on the road, thinking I would be able to get there soon.


When I arrived at the master canteen and called the doctor, I saw a large crowd. By the time I figured out when my number would come, my hopes of going to Puri were dashed. I sat on the bench in front of me, waiting for my turn to come, holding the number today, thinking that maybe the Lord’s rope was not there.


Many people who have dialed before me are waiting to see a doctor. The little ones who came with them were busy waiting and her parents were trying to make her forget by saying different things. But I don’t hear anything about them. My only goal is, when will my shift come? Can I go back to Puri? Every ten minutes I look at the clock and calculate the time to get to and from Puri.


Finally it was my turn. By then the time would probably be around half past twelve.I went to the doctor. Who’s before me

There was a tax number, so he stopped by the doctor to ask what he was up to again. Wait there again. I was very busy. But I had no need or opportunity to express my concern to the doctor. After he had explained the gentleman to the gentleman, the doctor motioned for me to sit in the chair in front of him.


After hearing about Bo, he sent her a prescription and asked her to visit him a month later. Still the wait was not over. Waiting again for the medicine. Of course, those who were in charge of the medication were trying their best to get their work done as soon as possible, but it was too late to explain to the public the rules of medication. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. From time to time I went from Puri to Puri, but I had a constant urge to eat.


After bringing the medicine, I sat on the bench in front of me and thought, what should I do? Now can I return from Puri and reach Jagatsinghpur by evening? It’s very dry. Can you come home safely on a lonely bike on Puri-Bhubaneswar road at night? Time was running out of my hands to find answers to so many questions. Finally, thinking of this as the Lord’s will, I set off on my bike to get home, suppressing my indomitable desire to eat awkwardly.


I return home to Sina. But the urge to eat is not left behind. I keep blaming myself while riding the bike. What would have happened if it had been too late! What would have been the problem if it was night? Even if the light in the eyes of the night had a problem driving the bike, wouldn’t it have been slow to drive? There are so many types it’s hard to say. “It simply came to our notice then. I had no choice but to ride a bike.


It will be two and a half days by the time you get home. I took the medicine in my hand and washed my face and hands and ate. Why didn’t Kejani eat anything good? Manta was stopping by to eat that awkward food. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Manta doesn’t sleep well, so he can’t sleep.

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Occasionally drowns.

I think I probably didn’t have the guts to go to Puri. So maybe I couldn’t go. No matter how hard I tried to explain it to my mind, I didn’t want to eat it. I felt that I could not fulfill that desire today because of my lack of willpower and effort.


It was ten o’clock that night. I thought a little before I heard the cheat on the door and opened the door. The daughter-in-law is asleep. Now he must be upset if he wakes up. Whoever brought the little boy must ask him to wake him up. What do i do


Before he could open the door, the man knocked on the door and knocked on the window again. I opened the window and looked outside. The person is not well known in the dim light outside. Through the window, he pulled a polythene jar inside. I thought I must say, I couldn’t bring the baby so late at night. Bring some salt from your mother. And that’s the problem. Bowie has to be called.


Before catching the polythene jar, I asked, “What is this?” The answer came from a familiar voice – ‘awkward’. I took the polythene jar and put it on my head as if I had found a poor millionaire. When I looked outside, I saw that there was a village in our village. He works in Anand Bazaar in Puri. “She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine. I thought I’d take a little nap for my brother. Holding my hand, Kalua Nana was walking to her house. My whole body was thrilled. Two of Jagannath’s wheels were floating in front of my eyes. I was shouting, “Boy!” Get up early, come from Puri.

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