New Odia Short Story 2021

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New odia short story 2021 which name is Sesa chithi. It’s a very trending story written by Deepka sarangi from Odisha. Moral of the story you got after reading it. So let’s start this new odia short story now.

New Odia Short Story 2021
New Odia Short Story 2021

New Odia Short Story 2021

New odia short story 2021: The dark night of the new moon shone like a white man in the dark of the moon. Sitting next to her is her very close childhood friend Anita.

Both appeared about fifteen years later. Although Anita did not read as well as Manisha did during school, her unique beauty made many young people feel the way she did. Someone told Anita how many things, but no one broke the friendship between Manisha and Anita. The two parted ways after school.

Although Manisha was studying well, her financial situation was not good and Anita had gone to a distant Delhi University for higher studies while she was studying in a nearby art college in the 2nd grade. Fifteen years later, the two have met. Anita, meanwhile, is happily married to her husband, a computer engineer, in Delhi. But there have been many ups and downs in Manisha’s life in these fifteen years.

Manisha’s eyes were filled with tears. Anita asked her, “Why did you spend half of your life in such a lonely way? What happened to you?”

Tell me everything today; I may not be able to alleviate your grief, but I can share your grief and give you some reassurance. ” With a sigh, Manisha began the tragic chapter of her past.


After the tenth grade, I moved to the city with my father, but I studied in our village college. My father’s health was deteriorating due to old age, and he left us one day.

The condition of the house was deteriorating. He was married at a young age. Taking advantage of our plight, Ajit, a contractor working on the village road, came to our house. He reconciled with Apa.

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Bowie was a silent spectator. He also wanted to lighten the burden. “Even though I strongly opposed it, the tone of my speech was condescending to our poor condition.” A few days later, Ajit’s outing took place with Ajit.

During my outing, I met Ajit’s fiancée, Akash. At first glance, Akash and I became emotional. Akash was the only son of a friend of Ajit’s father. It’s too late. Ajit’s family members demanded that we take the girl home without dowry, and demanded a few days’ worth of dowry from us.

As a result, our financial situation worsened, and I was forced to drop out of high school and get a job at a nearby minor school.


My relationship with Akash has become even closer. Talking on the phone all the time falls into one of our daily habits. One day Akash told me that he had to go to faraway London for two years for his higher education.

So he forced me to marry him before he left. It’s been six months since I last saw you. I have a severe lack of money and my salary is only six thousand rupees a month.

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With so little money, my mother and I have a hard time living. Who will keep my helpless widow mother if I go out at this time or walk in the sky? Who will take care of her?

All of these questions bother me. A few days later I asked Akash if you had read from London; Then we can go out without hesitation. “She is OK.


She insisted on keeping my mother close to me after I told her everything.” But I knew in that look that he would never be able to bear the burden of a daughter-in-law. However, after I had given Akash a lot of orders, he decided to go to London. I also went to Bhubaneswar airport to meet him on his way to London. And it was on that day that he introduced me to his family.

When he left the sky, he was separated from his family and spent some time with me. That was probably the happiest moment of my life. When the sky went down, London. In my eyes, Asumari weaves the dream. No matter how many tears we shed, the two of us did not obey. It would not be an exaggeration to say that going out to a child like Akash is the privilege of any girl.

I was probably crying the most when I got home on the bus, leaving the sky. When I got home, I saw that my eyes were swollen and I asked him what was going on, and I didn’t hide anything from him anymore. Did I open my mind to her? After hearing all this, Bo told me, “What have you done, mother?


You have burned my happiness for me.” I said “Yes! You are my everything. How can I be alone with the sky in peace? “Everything was your responsibility after Dad and Mom left.” I can read a lot of sympathy for Bowie’s eyes.

He feels guilty for me. “I told her calm down and we would take care of her,” said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. The day goes by. Akash talks to me on the phone once every three or four days. It’s been a few years.


My job is regular. Salaries have also risen. Bowie’s body worsens when I think about it. It’s been two years and three years. The sky is the limit. I’m busy looking for the sky. I go to all the friends he says and get the news. But no trace of the sky has been found. I once asked his friends and went to his house. See her there and recognize her mother and vote She cried.

Before I could say anything, I saw a photo of Akash with a wreath hanging on the wall. The ground slipped under my feet. I sat there. The building of my dreams was shattered in an instant. I fainted and opened my eyes to see if the friends of the sky had brought me and left me at home. After learning of the news of the sky, Bow’s body became even sicker. ]


A few days later, he left me too. I am alone in such a big world. Even though Apa wanted to help me, she could not do anything for me out of fear of Ajit. Ten years have passed since then and many more people in my life have come forward and offered to leave. I rejected everyone’s offer.


I am the only one in the sky and I will spend the rest of my life in his memory. After saying this, Manisha burst into tears and grabbed Anita. Anita and Manisha went to Manisha’s house with two friends.

Anita saw only the memory of the sky in Manisha’s house. Manisha has also kept the letters, flowers, cards and some gifts she has given. Anita asked Manisha, “But you didn’t show me a photo of the sky. I want to know who the man is because my friend left so big.” .


Manisha pulled the locket around her neck and said, “Look, the sky has always been connected to my heart.” Anita saw Anita in the locket like a drink, and on one side was a photo of Manisha, and on the other was Akash.


Anita was shocked to see a photo of the sky. Manisha asked her, “What happened? Are you so shocked?” Anita grabbed her hand and said, “Come with me.” Manisha doesn’t understand. “Get in the car,” Anita said.

We will go to my house now. ” Manisha went and got in Anita’s car and Anita drove to her house. She was so upset to see Anita that she came home because her husband Rajiv asked her, “Where is Bunty?” Rajiv said that Bonti was studying at Sepat’s house. Anita pulled Manisha’s hand and pointed at Bunty and said, “Look, this is my 4-year-old son, Bunty. Manisha doesn’t understand and looks at Anita with empty water. “She is OK.

Anita took Manisha to Rajiv. Rajiv said, “Yes, Manisha, today we have returned to Bonti only for those great people.” A few years down the line, Anita and Bunty all went to London for my company’s work for about a month. One Sunday, we all decided to go for a picnic in a beautiful spring and garden on a nearby hill. We all happily climbed the hill.


The mountain was about 1,000 meters above sea level. The view of the city of London from the top of the hill was breathtaking. “It simply came to our notice then that Anita and I were just a little bit of a different mindset,” he said.


By the time Anita and I were ready to catch her, she had gone far ahead of us. At this point, a young angel suddenly appeared and grabbed Bunty. But by then Bonty and he had gone too far down the hill. We tried to rescue them, but the young man grabbed Bunty and rolled over to the end of the hill. The young man was in a critical condition. He shared it in such a way that nothing happened to him. But one of Bontie’s eyes was struck by a tree branch, or two of her eyes were damaged.


We took the two and sent them to the hospital. After a while, the doctor there called me and said that Bunty’s eyes were damaged. Hearing this, Anita and I both burst into tears. After a while, the doctor called me and said that the young man wanted to tell me something.


I went to see him. He said the sky was the limit in Odisha. And I was told that I didn’t have much time, so I wanted my eyes to be given to Bunty. I go in front of him. He called me and handed me an envelope and said, “You should have kept this envelope.” One of my very own people will take this envelope from you when you need it. ” With that, he breathed his last. His last wish is to see the world in two of his eyes.


With that, Rajiv wiped the tears from his eyes and after a while he went inside the house and brought the envelope and handed it to Manisha. It seems to Manisha like a dream. He can’t even believe what is happening. He opened the envelope and read, “Loving Manisha!”


By the time you read this last letter of mine, I may have gone a long way. I wasn’t talking to you because I wanted to come to you suddenly and surprise you.


I had already booked a ticket to return to Odisha. But in the face of the law of destiny, we humans are inferior. It’s time to dump her and move on. ” So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.


I think you will one day find me near this bunny. On that day, I will see you through Bonti. I didn’t get you Sina at this birth, but I gave you this Bonti MadhI will always be on the lookout. For me, love was not limited to the union of the body, but for me, my love was eternal, holy, and eternal. That’s your sky.


After reading the letter, Manisha stands up. Septu Bunty came running and hugged Manisha as her aunt. Manisha could see in Bonti’s eyes the eternal, holy and eternal love of the sky. I hope you enjoy this new odia short story sesa chithi. We will come soon with a new story.

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