New story in odia language 2021 maula golap

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New story in odia language 2021 maula golapa very heart touching love story. Hello dear all friends i am sahil from odisha came with a new story in odia language for all of you. Lt’s starts today’s story.

New story in odia language 2021 maula golap
New story in odia language 2021 maula golap

New story in odia language 2021

Now starting our new story in odia language 2021! A few days later, Ananya took out the old diary from the bookshelf. The diary’s sheets were yellow. Remeber this new story in odia language is original content of darkodisha. So don’t use it commercial purpose. The page was turned upside down. In pride, or in remorse! Slowly he gave the flower back to her. It was as if she was feeling someone’s touch from the past. Shihari woke up to the sweet smell of roses.

One by one, he returned it to Amlan that day. His letter to him, which he had been holding in his chest, dreaming of a night without sleeping …

But he couldn’t give it back that day, at first glance the red rose flower that Amlan had given him. So couldn’t he really get Amlan out of his mind ??  He can feel the smell of the past even inside the radish rose !! The past is waking up in my mind ….

How many flowers, how many gifts, how many flowers, how many gifts, how many flowers, how many gifts, how many flowers, how many gifts fell on him from the singing stage at the college function. How he made a different feeling that day.

Then slowly Amlan realized how much he loved her. His personality, his artistic interest in everything … Amlan was the center of his emotions. When the thorns burst into the ground in the Mahanadi

Patha, the thorns burst in his hands, his chest bent, Amlan wiped the blood from his hands, and sometimes he sat in the Nandikeshwari Patha and listened to Nandika’s love story.


They used to roam the rock gardens of Patiala on college picnics and listen to rock music. And sometimes they were fascinated by the beauty of Konark’s silhouette and built the dream house. They didn’t know that the dream house of this dream would one day be destroyed !!

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Suddenly, Kejani, Ananya’s wings, which flew like a bird in the open sky, were cut off. She was forcibly locked inside a golden cage. Inside, she was given milk and silver in a silver cup.

But inside she couldn’t find an open sky. I could not hear the sound of the fountain. The rain could not be soaked in the rain, and the bridegroom could not stand up to the bridegroom.


It’s raining outside today. It’s been drying for a long time. All the water is absorbing. Manvari Mentei Dab is her thirsty thirst. There is a lot of thirst for the other.

Her throat is sticking like glue. Her cup is full of water. There is no taste in the water. There is a strong desire to drink the water that is splashing in the smell of soil !!


Why is this smell of clay? Does the body smell everything in the union? Why, she never felt that way. The past is quietly penetrating the cage of the mind.

Maula Golap This rainy wet evening makes her look quite her own. Couldn’t understand why? The past has never been a handful of memories. Yet he has preserved that pink rose. He who has lost his color .. has given his scent to the grave.

Ananya, however, was disappearing very tightly inside her. The honey cup of the fragrant rose was kissing her two lips. Oh, what a satisfaction !! Outside, the rain was dancing in the chest.

The rain and the soil, this feeling of unity, seemed to be exactly what they were Gender-minded. And Ananya was measuring the length of Amlan’s faith that had been left behind in the past. All the unforgettable logs of the past were caught in the coming rain.


It’s raining outside. The coldness of the dew in the wind. But Ananya’s heart is burning with remorse. Why did she cherish all the cruelty like gold !! Amlan also obeyed everything quietly. She is always the same. She has never protested. This is her masculinity. Ananya did not understand the pursuit of perfection.


I remember one day they were going crazy to get soaked in the rain. I thought it would have been raining incessantly, they would have been walking on another empty shelter. He put on a wet shirt and smiled. Where does Amlan feel this sweet guda of his sweet guda.

Tears well up in her eyes as she seeks to return to that long-awaited moment of the day.

Coming into the room, Ananya didn’t understand. He has swept away all the documents of his past with the offerings of the river of time.


Trying to please the challenge. What is her relationship with her mind !! She plays with her body. She is happy. Bass. She has never had fun with her mind.

Her mind is only Amlan’s. No one else has the right to touch her. He is taught the name of Rama, which is taught to make others happy, and his name is Krishna.

However ….However, her wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. “She is OK. She is alive and well. She is OK.

Learned !!

Kejani did not understand what the mind was talking about … The rain stopped and the rain was falling through the window.

Darkness was all around the outside of the house, and there was a

lot of darkness in it. Ananya slowly woke up. Sadly, she was as lazy as she was pregnant with the burden of remorse. She turned on the emergency light.

Her heart was dark but black. It was as if someone outside was calling. The door opened and her mouth came out of her mouth … “” Hey, Amlan is dripping in the rain.


Soaked! Come on .. my sari is wiping you in the ear with good or bad. Your body will be bad. ‘Chidi got up.’ In this rainy weather, your head seems to be getting worse.

What are you talking about! “It’s raining heavily. Nothing has been done today.” As Kneeling on the floor, Ananya walked back to her past, to Amlan’s last signature, Maula Rose, who had fallen asleep. We hope this maula golap new story in odia touching your heart. If yes comment us.

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