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Odia Astrology

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1) If Mercury, Jupiter or Venus is not in good condition in your birth and there is a constant lack of money, recite Srilakshmi Sukta on Friday 21st at home. And look amazing miracles.

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2) If there is a quarrel in the house, there is a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel, a quarrel. Try this for 3 weeks and see if there is peace in the house. All the negative energy in the house will go away. And Mahalakshmi’s residence will be permanent in that house.

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3) If you earn as much money as Antuni, spend unnecessarily and are always upset, go to any famous Shivalaya or ancient Shiva temple on Saturday or Monday and baptize in the Ganges. 100% results in 2 weeks.

Astrology In Odia Language, astrology in odia pdf download

Odia Astrology Tips, Odia Astrology, Astrology Tips in Odia

4) If bad habits, bad dreams or fear of death persist, offer a bill of lading (belpatra) for 21 days. After 21 days, the consequences will be felt.

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