Odia Ayurvedic Book Pdf Download {anubhuta jogamala}

Odia Ayurvedic Book Pdf Download

Odia Ayurvedic Book Pdf Download, anubhuta jogamala part 1 and part 2 book available. 5+ odia ayurvedic book pdf download in this section. Hello dear readers welcome to dark odisha. Here you can get odia ayurvedic medicine book, odia ayurvedic aushadhi, odia ayurvedic chikitsa, odia ayurvedic osho, odia ayurvedic channel, odia ayurveda books free of cost.

Laxman mishra anubhuta jogamala part 1, anubhuta yogamala pdf download part2 by laxman mishra. anubhuta mantra mala, anubhuta yogamala, anubhuta vishaya asampramoshah smriti.

Odia Ayurvedic Book Pdf

Book Name Download Link
Gacha Baida Click
Ama Ghare Ama Ausadha Click
Ghara Baida Click
Cheramuli ausadha prastuti Click
Swasthya Darpana Click

The table abouve lists the different types of books. Most of the books are in Oriya, but there are also some books in Oriya and other languages ​​related to Orissa. By clicking on the arrow next to the title in the first row, the books will be sorted based on the information in that column.

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Therefore, users can customize this table by the name of the book, the author, the publication date or the subject matter. There are also some book collection and reference sections that can be accessed with the help of a button on the left.

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