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Odia Bhagabata

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Odia Bhagabata

Jagannath das is a well known poet of odisha. He wrote srimad bhagabat gita in odia language as request of his other padmabati devi.

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How did the composition of the odia bhagabata gita come about?
There is a good story behind the composition of odia srimad bhagabata geeta. Many years down the line. At that time, Oriya literature was called the mythical age. At the time, women did not have the right to listen to or read mythological books. But women from Brahmin families were given this right.

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Women from most Brahmin families were uneducated. So he had to go to puri shrimandir to listen to the gita. The scholar there was employed in this work. But the problem was that Pandit explained the Gita in Sanskrit and explained it in Sanskrit. Thus the uneducated women of the Brahmin family were unable to understand the Sanskrit verses and chests. So Jagannath Das’s mother reported the problem to her son. And ordered bhagabat to be written in Oriya. Hearing his mother’s orders, Jagannath Das translated the Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita into Oriya with his scholarship, intellect and creativity. From that day on, the Oriya Sahitya Bhandar was full of its own literary achievements.

The book gradually became the spiritual focal point of Oriya. People believe that if God is heard at the time of death, human beings are born free. For this reason, in every village in every household, Jane writes only to read the Bhagavad-gita. This led to an increase in the rate of signatures in Odisha at that time. Gradually, Odisha became the land of the underworld. Here the scriptures were organized according to various festivals. It was attended by scholars, travelers and spiritualists from all over India. The winner of the that event, if he wanted to spread his vision, first fell in love with Srimandir and Jagannath. After receiving the order, he was recognized for preaching his philosophy.

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