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Odia Child Story

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Gopal and his wife: One day, Gopal was joking with a girl. Seeing his wife through the burning door, Gopal angrily scolded him. Without saying a word, Gopal was furious to seize his wife. Suddenly one day her middle son Joey came to her senses. Gopal made it glorious. Boila babu.

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I sit at home in this meeting room and I come home wearing a shirt. But a little boy will be careful. Thieves are here. Joey said, “Why are you afraid? Go, I’m awake.” Gopal closed the door and went home, telling his wife – I did not come to the meeting room with the keys. You go and come through the keys, or Shali Gauduni comes to me every evening saying Aja Aja.

I know that Shali Bada Bajat and Chorani, if you don’t see anyone, they will steal something or other. On the way, I wondered if I would be able to see the grace of the Lord today, and then I would get rid of him. In a fit of rage, the bear went to the meeting room. Joey is sitting on the couch listening to the thief’s mind. The mother-in-law quietly went inside the house to grab Gaudini, grabbed Joi by the hand and thought Joi Gauduni was holding her hand. Joey also considered his mother-in-law a thief and shook his mother-in-law’s hand. In the dark, the two of them ran away, and Joey called him a thief.

Odia Child Story, Child Story in Odia

Gopal was quietly following his wife. Seeing the mystery of the two thieves, Gopal rushed to the spot with the light. The two escaped unharmed. Gopal smiled and walked away with the keys to the house

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