Odia Essay Byam Ra Upakarita Pdf Download

Odia essay byam ra upakarita

Odia essay byam ra upakarita, byam ra upaarita essay in odia rachana. Odia essay on excercise, excercise essay in odia, byam ra upakarita rachana in odia language pdf download. Byamra upakarita odia rachana. Exercise essay in odia pdf download, Bayam ra upakarita Odia essay pdf download.

odia essay byam ra upakarita

The meaning of exercise is to contract the body in such a way that it can work in the right position. Just as good food provides nourishment to the body, similarly exercise keeps the body in proper condition for a long time. Exercise can make the body fit, fit and agile.

Nowadays most of the work is done with the help of machines. Machines force man to keep working in the same condition. People sit or stand in dark rooms. This unhealthy condition gives rise to mental stress and physical ailments. But if exercise is done daily then this situation can be changed. By exercising for one hour every day, a person can stay away from different types of physical and mental ailments. Not only this, he can conduct his daily activities well, being free from mental worries, having physical strength and energy.

Exercise relieves mental stress and fatigue. The blood of the body gets purified and the whole body gets freshness. If the exercise is done in an open space or in a park, then more benefits are obtained. The lungs get sufficient quantity of pure air. Muscles and bones get strength. Body aches and cramps disappear. Awareness comes in the senses. The whole body starts functioning in its natural condition. Physical weakness and lethargy end. In this way, due to the effect of exercise, new life is transmitted in the body. Old and sick people also begin to feel elusiveness within themselves.

Exercises can be of different types. For old and handicapped people, walking at a brisk pace in the morning can be a good exercise. Children and youth can run or have a bar. Cycling, swimming, club lifting, ball throwing, javelin throw, etc. are different forms of exercise. People of different age groups can choose the proper form of exercise considering their convenience and preference. For the convenience of the exercisers in the cities, gymnasiums have been established. There are many types of equipment for exercising here. Young people come here in large numbers.

Cities have gymnasiums and parks, and villages have natural parks and quiet and open spaces. In villages the exercise is done in any open space. The air there is relatively pure. Wherever the exercise is done, regularity is very important in it. Irregular exercise may not be beneficial.

Light exercise is very beneficial in old age. The whole body gets exercised only by walking and lightly moving the limbs. If the elderly exercise, then they do not have diseases like heart attack, diabetes, paralysis, excessive fatigue or the number of diseases is reduced.

Nowadays exercise is necessary for everyone. Through this, students can increase their physical and mental capacity. The entire basis of the efficiency and fitness of the players is exercise. Youth can increase their efficiency through exercise. By this they can stop the early attack of old age. Exercise is important for everyone. There is no other effective way to escape from the troubles of modern times.

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