Best Odia Essay Mo Maa | My Mother Essay in Odia

Odia Essay Mo Maa

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Many great writers stop their pen when they try to write anything about mother, because mother is not a word or a person but a feeling which is very difficult to describe.

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We all need mother’s love, affection and special affection in childhood. Because of this unwavering love of mother, we get confidence that we can do anything.

Because we are never weak in the eyes of our mother. Mother is the first teacher of one’s life. We learn to laugh in mother’s lap, by holding her finger we learn to walk for the first time.

Odia Essay Mo Maa, My Mother Essay in Odia
Odia Essay Mo Maa Pdf Download

When we grow up a little, it is the mother who first gives us the knowledge of good and bad. Mother only teaches us how to do our daily chores.

The place of parents in life is considered equal to God. The way God gives birth to this entire creation, in the same way parents give birth to us and nurture us by becoming foster parents.


We play many relationships in our life, but the relationship between a mother and a child is the most precious. No other relationship in the world can take the place of this relationship.

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