Odia Funny Story With Moral {Macha o Benga}

Odia Funny Story

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There is a large pool. There are two fish in the pond called “Shatabuddhi” and “Sahasrabuddhi”. They befriended a frog called Ekbuddhi. The three friends happily spend time in the pool. They gather every evening. One evening, while the three friends were talking together, Keith walked down the aisle.

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Looking at the pond, Keut said, “Brothers, come here tomorrow to fish.” The three friends listened to the couple. He wondered how to get rid of them.

Odia Funny Story

Someone said to leave the pond soon and run away. “She is OK. She is OK. If you come, you will never catch me. I know how to get rid of them. Hundreds of thousands of intellectuals agreed to the idea of ​​not leaving the birthplace.

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