Odia Gita Govinda Pdf Download

Odia Gita Govinda

gita govinda pdf in oriya, odia gita govinda book by jayadev download, odia gita govinda pdf download. Gita Govinda is a twelfth-century Sanskrit poem by the poet Jayadeva.

The twelfth sermon is based on Radhakrishna’s Rasalila. The Gita Govinda poem has a special effect on the Vaishnava devotional path.

Kant has a special place in the Sanskrit literature of Gita Govinda for its tender verses, sweet word combination, and full of devotion.

Odia Gita Govinda, Odia Gita Govinda pdf Download
Odia Gita Govinda Pdf Download

The description and hymns of the famous Decade are in the first verse of this poem. Gita Govinda also has a prominent place in the culture and traditions of Shri Jagannath.

Content and ideas

Gita Govinda is a description of Radhakrishna’s divine love. The main livelihood of the poem is the manifestation of devotion in the beautiful verses of Radhakrishna’s unrequited love. Divided into the Twelfth Century, the poem is famous for its Kant soft lyrics. Radha is the protagonist of the poem, which is based mainly on Adi juice.

Book Name: Odia Geeta Govinda
Author: Jayadev
Total Page: 28
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The essence of this poem is in the title “Dehi Pada Pallab Mudaram”. Here Sriradha (symbol of devotee) is described as more majestic than Lord Krishna (Lord). According to legend, the verse was written in the form of Lord Krishna Jaydev himself.

Jagannath Culture and Gita Govinda

The title of Gita Govinda is considered to be the most beloved of Shri Gannatha. Gita Govinda is recited daily at the temple during the Badsingh period. Gita Govinda was also sung during the Devdasi dance. It is customary for devotees to be given a picture of the Gita Govinda during the appointment of a new servant at the Shri Mandir.

Apart from Ansar’s residence from Badsar to Badsingh’s guise, many of the pottery depicting the Gita Govinda verses are in the service of Shri Jagannath. According to legend, a girl once sang a song while picking eggplants in an eggplant kiari.

Mr. Jagannath’s post was very popular and he was following in the footsteps of the girl. The egg was torn by the Lord’s sword because of the thorns. After the revelation, Badpanda was ordered to arrange for daily Gita Govinda singing at the Shri Mandir.

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