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Odia Horror Movies

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Odia Horror Movies, Odia Horror Movies List, Odia Horror Movies Download

Hello dear all visitors today we are going to tell you 15 new odia horror movies list.

  1. Kaunri Kanya
  2. To bata chahin basichi rati sara
  3. Mita basichi mu bhuta sathire
  4. Rahasya
  5. Fear of the year
  6. Khui mahala
  7. Maya mahala
  8. Lal tuku tuku sadhaba bohu
  9. Mita re mita
  10. Atrupta atma
  11. Bebina kanduchi
  12. De maa shakti de
  13. Bhai tate mora rahila rana
  14. Keun duniaru asila bandhu
  15. Omm namah shivaya
  • Kaunri kanya – Kaunri kanya is the first odia horror movie which is released in 2013 at odisha in 3d. Anotherword this movie hot first odia 3d horror movie. This film story is starts from 2 strangers who slowly engaged in friendship to love. Then heroin was raped and killed by villains. The heroin was rural tourist. But hero was the rural teacher of a small village. After the death of his lover hero will try to learn Tantra Mantra which is the very secretive technique of that era. After learning tantra hero will activate heroine’s spirit and take revenge from the villians.
  • To bata chahin basichi rati sara

To bata chahin basichi odia movie is one of the very successful odia horror movies to achieveing popularity in Odisha. In this film, the audience sees first a happy family scene.

In a happy family, the father has a son and a daughter. The son goes abroad for a good job. The father is a professor. The girl is in college. One day, while the girl was going to college, she fell into the hands of some miscreants. The villains are the victims of bad eyesight.

The girl later refuses and kills him. When the professor goes to the police station and goes to court, the thugs buy the lawyer because of their reputation. And the professor’s case is lost. They know everything about the boy because of the lack of justice. When the son returns, the thugs kill the whole family.

But fortunately the boy goes crazy but survives. Later, a dynamic police officer arrives in the city and rents a professor’s house. But then his daughter’s soul in the house captures the wife of the police officer and avenges the death of her family. And finally the film ends.

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