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Odia Loka Katha

Odia loka katha, odia loka katha pdf, image, odia loka bani, odia lok katha image download. Odia Folk Tales are so old that no one can tell who might have told them in the first place. Folk tales keep passing from one ear to another, from one country to another. The nature of these stories also changes as we move from one place to another. The same story is told in different ways in different places. In this way folk tales always remain new.

Odia Loka Katha

Odia Loka Katha Pdf

Odia Lok Katha, Odia Lok Katha Image Download

Odia Folk Tales
The biggest feature of folk tales is that in spite of being animals-birds, sur-asuras, gods-fairies, trees-plants, humanization of nature, miracles etc. It is the folk tales that make us realize that the nature of man is basically the same in the whole world.

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