Odia motivational story the last struggle

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Odia motivational story the last struggle is very emotional full of inspirational story. Odia motivational story pdf, odia motivational story, odia motivational love story, odia motivational story for students.

Odia motivational story the last struggle
Odia motivational story

Odia motivational story the last struggle

Keep reading this odia motivational story to the last to know about the moral. The last struggle : Nowadays it is a fashion, to turn the old finger upside down and ask for a lift.

I decided not to give anyone a lift. But that day, when she saw the old woman, she stopped the car. She put her small bag in the middle and sat down.

: It’s raining l It’s still raining l Don’t have the strength to go that far l Who cares a little bit l He keeps saying it before asking
: Working at this hotel l pays three and a half thousand rupees a month l
: Good ……….
: Yes ……….. in father l I said don’t feed me if not three and a half thousand l Good people l agreed l I used to work in a nearby shop l This month I went for a little pilgrimage l

The old woman left the neighborhood Helini l That’s why I thought I’d come back with a little pilgrimage l Eight thousand people fell l But it took eight days instead of seven days. Running a shop for eight days.

Took l but without any news left another woman l had a phone or let me know l got a job at the same hotel for her l said to her, ‘Auntie looks good l l will do a good job l That’s why she came to my house looking for the hotel boy. l Three thousand said l I agreed to say 3,500 l ‘

I fill in the blanks from time to time

But he keeps saying l

: Hey Dad! A lot of work l will be back l l No one but us can do it l We have been in the habit of working since childhood l

I asked, who else is at home?

: Old blind man l Will he work anymore? Burden on
: Whose burden is it?
: Daughter and grandson l They live here alone l
: Son-in-law? ? ?
: What can I say about my son-in-law? It’s too late for Tari to die in bed at this age
: What happened?
: Near our own house Aska l We sold the land for the girl out for eighty thousand l l Our mother …… while the girl’s grandfather kept it l He fixed the same outhouse l We paid all the money for the dowry l Everything was fine l .. …….
: What happened again?
: Hela Kis Ki Bapa ….. Her younger brother came out l She brought it.

Lakhel said to my daughter, ‘Bring seventy thousand more from your father’ l My daughter said, ‘Dad is blind l Where is my mother going to work in Bhubaneswar l Where will the money come from him that I will ask?’ But father! Listen to what he has to say.

Who is the beast? My daughter came and threatened us with the threatening flash, but what about our condition? She cried and said to her son-in-law.

: What happened next?
: Then Bisham Piti l beat Pita all day l told her – if you die Sina alone I will be out again l
: What a nasty man ………
: Dad! You know, I was beaten so badly that one day I lost consciousness and I ran away with a shackle on the outside.

Odia motivational story pdf

I thought I was going to die alone. The money was there, and I loved her. People told her to go to the police station. She went to the police station in her words. But what the heck is that? Don’t be afraid to hit me.

Fer Thana Babu said, ‘Will you die if you take Yaku? I’ll give you what you eat. If you stay here, this monster will kill your daughter and grandson.

According to Thanababu, I would take my daughter and grandson and look at how much I would earn. Daddy was in a lot of trouble
I asked, how long has it been?

: It’s been fifteen years
: Where else did you get the girl out?
: Who will be out? Do you have a grandson? Where do I get the money?

Who will take the grandson? That’s why I didn’t go out anymore. Now he’s working for a company nearby. Don’t you see this road? ? ? Is it tall ……….. is it blonde ………….

Why or why not? But the old woman thought that they would always come and go on this road, so it would be very sad to hear that she knew. Who knows that there are so many people in the world?
“Who will feed us if we don’t work?”

I said, ‘Auntie! If you do other things, you will get 250 to 350 rupees a day.

: Dad! Road work and housework What are the different ages to work? He is over three years old.

I thought to myself, how long have they been in trouble? I asked, ‘Didn’t get any government help?’

: Dad in Nai l Our card was not l The ward member said it would be this time l Indira says it will be a house l But it’s been fifteen years l
: What is the grandson doing?

: Doing so for Tari? In six months, everything will be all right
: Will it be okay?
: He is studying here in college l His master said, “I will give you twenty thousand rupees and take the exam. I will get the certificate. I have borrowed it. I will pay the interest and the principal, in seven / eight months.” I don’t have to work anymore
Suddenly my aunt said, “Daddy, keep it here.”
I said, I’ll leave it at that
: Nai’s father l If you weren’t there he would have walked all the way back l He got out of the car and blessed his aunt

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I thought, maybe his grandson is doing a diploma or any certificate course at ITI nearby l Don’t know the trade l What is his address in the job? Other than that Who would have thought that the grandson would remember Ai and Aja in the wheel of working life?

The age is coming to an end l The aunt thinks the day of her struggle is over Coming l

Fear comes to mind l and the question arises in the mind, ‘Is the day of struggle over or coming?’

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