Odia Opposite Word | Odia Biparita Sabda {500+ PDF Download}

Odia Opposite Word

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Odia Opposite Word

Just as words need to be expressed to express the feelings of the mind, so there must be words within the words to express the feelings of the words. And it is important to express the right words in the right words. The correct spelling of the word is not correct. It is important to know the exact order of the words and when to use them correctly.

Odia Biparita Sabda

You must know that there are many words in our Oriya language. There are many types of words, such as adjectives, conjunctions, opposite words, accusative words, prose words, verse words. All these words are used to describe our Oriya language.

Odia Biparita Sabda

We use biparita sabda in odia language more than any other word. As thick or thin as Kuni looked, Madhav searched the bottom but could not find the mobile. There is a clear difference between this house and that house.

In our Oriya language, we use many similar words in our daily lives. But most of the words we use do not follow the rules we use. That is to say, we do not use biparita sabda properly.

odia opposite words list

In this article I have tried to provide what is biparita sabda and what is biparita sabda ra prakara and how to use biparita sabda. If you look closely at this article, you will find the answers to all the questions in your mind about the opposite word.

Odia Biparita Sabda Pdf

The name biparita sabda suggests that it would mean the opposite of a word. That is, we will say the opposite of the meaning of any word.

Biparita sabda in english opposite word or antonyms is called. This means that the opposite word is called antonyms in English.

The word antonyms comes from the Greek word. In Greek, anti means opposite or onyms means name. So antonyms means the opposite of the word.

Types Of Biparita Sabda in Odia

There are 3 types of biparita sabda in odia available.

  1. Tulanatmaka
  2. Samparkita
  3. Samikhya suchaka

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