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Odia Ramayana Book

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After learning about the Ramayana, some people wonder if Sriram and Sita’s marital life was not good. There was no happiness in his life, but that was wrong. It is true that Sriram and Sita did not have material happiness, but they only understood their duties and rights in a short period of time. We also need to learn something from Sriram and Sita’s relationship.

Odia Ramayana, Odia Ramayana Book Pdf Download, Jagamohana Ramayana Pdf Download
Odia Ramayana Pdf Download

According to the Ramayana, the relationship between husband and wife must be something like this- according to the Ramayana, Lord Shriram started a successful marriage by marrying Sita.

After his marriage to Lord Rita of Sita, Shriram promised that he would never do the same thing as other kings who have many queens and many wives. Always be loyal to Sita.

According to the Ramayana, on the first day of the marriage, a divine judgment came. There was a lot of hope and confidence in the relationship. Successful housekeeping began. Shriram also kept his word. Sita got all the rights.

The Ramayana says that expecting everything from one’s wife and freeing one’s husband from all dignity and rules is not entirely fair and just. The relationship between husband and wife will only be meaningful when there is always love in him. That is why the husband and wife are called two bodies and one soul. When the imperfections of the two change to perfection, it is easier and more enjoyable to grow spiritually.

The Ramayana says that a woman has some of the best qualities that a man should adopt. There are such qualities in love, service, generosity, devotion and forgiveness that give her the same honor and glory as the goddess.

According to the Ramayana, the rules and rules that apply to a wife apply to a husband. To be honest and fair is to think that women are more important and respected than men.

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