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Odia Short Story

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Strange theft at Gopal’s house
Maharaja Krishna Chandra sat in a meeting one day and said that all kinds of secrets were spoken –

Odia Short Story Pdf, Short Stories in Odia

Anyone who can steal from Gopal Bhand’s house will be rewarded. Hearing this, everyone thought that Gopal was a big clever gem among us and it was impossible to steal from his house. Anyone who goes to steal must be in danger. Judging by this, no one else agreed to steal. The king, knowing the denial of all, said again –
Listen, we will give a special prize to anyone who steals. No one agreed. Finally a poor Brahmin greedily said money-

Short Stories in Odia, Short Stories in Odia Pdf Download, Short Story in Odia
Short Stories in Odia

My Majesty, I must steal. The king said, “Well, then we will give the reward.” When Gopal Bhand heard the king’s conspiracy, an intelligent Panchi filled the bowl with poison, put two or four aspers in a fake filthy broom, and warned himself.

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