Odia Tantra Sadhana Book | Surya Paraga 2022 Odisha

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If you perform this mantra on Sun Parag day, you will get wealth, protection from untimely death, freedom from the cycle of birth and death and finally a place in Shivlok after death.
The subject of system and mantra siddhi is highly mysterious. Many times people or tantrics make a lot of efforts to perfect the mantra. But that is not possible.

Odia Tantra Sadhana Book

There are many people who chant their Istdev mantra many times without getting any benefit. October 25, 2022 is a golden opportunity for such people. Because on this day, daylight, new moon and solar pollen are being connected in a strange way. According to Mantra Mahodhi scriptures, the best time for mantra siddhi is eclipse of sun and moon. So the mantra which is obtained by chanting for years is obtained only by chanting during the sun pollen season.

So let’s know that such a great mantra will get you Dhandhanya, Samrajyalakshmi, untimely death and freedom from the cycle of birth and death by the grace of God Mahadeva. That mantra is Oh Namah Shivaay! This mantra is called Shadakshari Mantra. Consider how to perfect the mantra and how to apply it.