Odia Upanyasa | 20+ Best Odia Upanyasa Online Reading and Book Download

Odia Upanyasa

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Odia Upanyasa Online Reading

Books Name Download
Marichika Click
Mayabi Click
Kali Bohu Click
Bibaha Rahasya Click
Premaspadaa Click
Pandit bhubaneswar granthabali Click
Odia Upanyasa Sambhara Click
Nanda kishor granthabali Click
Mu jetebele military re thili Click

Odia Upanyasa

Book Name Download
Karma Bhumi Click
Upanyasa nuhe jibana gatha Click
Dine nadakibu dharama boli Click
Chandra o champa Click
Mana mauja katha Click
Jungala ra daka Click
Satoti dinara sati Click
Bideshini Click
Swapna Niharika Click
Book Name Download
Sata tala pani Click
Prachi Pratichi Click
Manjulara jhia Click
Chandrakanti Mani Click
ଏକା ପଥ ଏକା ପଥିକ Click
Deba Sisu Click
Alekhaa Kagaja Click
Rekha Kunja Click
Subhadra Click

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Amruta Phala by Manoj Das

Alluded as the R. K. Narayan of Odisha, Manoj’s Amruta Phala is effectively perhaps the best novel in contemporary Odia writing. It depends on a story that impeccably mixes history, legend, secret, sorcery and authenticity. There are two equal stories moving which makes the book an immersing read!

Book Name: Download
Pruthibi Bahare Manisa Click
Nisabda Akasha Andha Pruthibi Click
Pruthibira Loka Katha Click

Prapti by Paramita Satpathy

This assortment of ten novellas in Odia is a great anecdotal composition. Ladies in various realities and spigot and in many tints are heroes of these novellas. The enchantment of creative mind and the distinction of reality inject with one another to entrance the perusers. The book has even made Paramita win the Sahitya Akademi Award!

Nila Saila by Surendra Mohanty

This novel has been set somewhere in the range of 1727 and 1736 when Ramachandradev, the King of Khurda, was loved by individuals of Odisha as Lord Jagannath’s delegate. It likewise gives an honest record of contemporary Odisha and thus strongly depicts the state’s strict and social practice.


Broadly known as the Thomas Hardy of Odisha, Fakir is the pioneer of Odia patriotism and new exposition structures in Odia. This specific novel rotates around the usurpation of landless ranchers by the land proprietors. It is the very first Indian novel discussing the host-parasite connection between the ranchers and land proprietors.

Some other must peruses in Odia books are Nilatrushna by Pratibha Ray, Akasha ra Ishara by Manoj Das, Raskel by Raj Kishore Pattnaik, Kanakalata by Nanda Kishore Bal, Gharadiha by Nityananda Mohapatra, Amruta ra Santana by Gopinath Mohanty, and so forth Practically this load of books are available in the market.

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