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Odia Vastu Shastra

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According to Vastu Shastra, what should be in which direction in the house. It is mentioned in many architectural texts. Bhavan is also found in other texts including Bhaskar and Vishwakarma Prakash. According to Vastu, the main gate of an ideal house should be in the east or north direction only.

Odia Vastu Shastra, Odia Vastu Tips
Odia Vastu Shastra

North direction – This direction should have maximum number of windows and doors of the house. The balcony and wash basin of the house should also be in this direction. If the mainget is in this direction and so on.

South direction – There should not be any kind of opening, toilet etc. in the south direction. Keep heavy items at this place in the house. If there is a door or window in this direction, then there will be negative energy in the house and the level of oxygen will also decrease. This increases the trouble in the house.

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South-West direction – This direction is called southwest direction. There should be no opening in this direction i.e. window, door at all. The room of the head of the house can be made here. You can keep cash counters, machines etc. in this direction.

Courtyard of the house – If there is no courtyard in the house then the house is incomplete. The front and back of the house should be small, but there should be a courtyard. Apart from basil, pomegranate, jamphal, sweet or bitter neem, gooseberry etc., plant flowering plants that give positive energy in the courtyard.

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