Paribesa Surakhya Essay in Odia Language Pdf Download

Paribesa Surakhya Essay in Odia

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Paribesa Surakhya Essay in Odia

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The Earth is the only planet that has a living environment. The current definition of the environment is very broad. Preparation of Panchamrit with five ingredients: milk, butter, honey and sugar; the creation of such an environment in the combination of soil, water, wind, plants and fauna.

Paribesa surakhya odia essay

But for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. For a child, his mother’s arms, for students, are a small environment for students. Small to large environments, from villages to the world, can be imagined. In the name of progress over time, man has resorted to the unraveling of his mysteries by deliberately suppressing nature in order to gain natural resources by applying his intellect, new discoveries of science, and technology. As a result, the environment is polluted and poses a serious threat to human society. Various Causes and Consequences of Pollution: The biggest, unimaginable and terrible problem of modern civilization is environmental pollution. There are many reasons for this humanized problem. Soil, water, and wind got polluted so that the environment get become pollution.

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