Pathani Samanta Jibani in Odia

Pathani Samanta Jibani in Odia

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At the age of 4, when he was a child, he was obsessed with the movements of planetary stars. He had the courage to measure the distance of planetary stars in bamboo tubes and sticks. He stared at the shadows of the sun and the moon. What was unhealthy for others was his addiction.

Pathani Samanta Jibani in Odia

One of the people who once amazed the entire world with his astronomical scholarship in the field of miraculous talent was Mahamopadhyaya Samanta Chandrashekhar Harichandan Mohapatra.

Born in Khandapada Gadjat, this great man shone not only in the state but also in the world. Science is currently in the air. But the Pathani feudal lord still marvels at the science sky. Special presentation on the occasion of that birth anniversary.

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