All Planet Name in Odia Language

Planet Name in Odia

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Planet Name in Odia

We all live on earth. But when the question arises, where does the world live? The answer is that it lives in the solar system. There are many planets in the solar system, not just the Earth, but the Earth.

Solar System in Odia Language

There are many planets and satellites in the solar system. But the planets seen here have more role to play than the satellites.

earth planet name in odia

Mercury Planet Name in Odia

The solar system is currently made up of 8 planets in odia or 8 planets. The eight planets in the solar system are Mercury, Venus, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

But in the past we have seen 9 planets name in odia or 9 planets in this solar system. But since Pluto was removed from the planet in 2006, we now see eight planets in our solar system.

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