Plastic Pollution Essay in Hindi PDF Download

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Plastic Pollution Essay in Hindi

Introduction: Plastic is everywhere nowadays. People are using it endlessly just for their comfort. However, no one realizes how it is harming our planet.

We need to be aware of its consequences so that we can stop Plastic Pollution. Children should be taught to avoid the use of plastic from childhood.

Likewise, adults should check each other up on the same. Moreover, before it is too late, the government must take strict measures to curb plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Essay in Hindi

Due to plastic pollution: Economical and easy to use – Plastic is one of the most widely used materials for manufacturing containers, bags, furniture and many other things. Plastic is economical to manufacture and can be easily molded into various forms. As a result, there has been an increase in plastic waste from the use of plastic items, which is one of the reasons for plastic pollution.

Non-biodegradable – In an effort to reduce plastic waste, which is increasing day by day, we are using less soil and water. Chemicals remain in the environment indefinitely, leading to increased air, water and land pollution.

Plastic Pollution Essay in Hindi PDF Download

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Plastic breaks down but does not dissolve – bags, bottles and other items made of plastic break down into tiny particles, which make their way into the soil and mix with water, causing plastic pollution.
effects of plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is affecting the entire earth including mankind, wildlife and aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease for which there is no cure.

We all should understand the harmful effect it has on our lives so that it can be avoided at the earliest. Plastic pollutes our water.

Every year, tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean. Since plastic does not dissolve, it remains in water which hinders its purity. This means that we will not have clean water in the coming years.

Apart from this, plastic also pollutes our land. When humans dump plastic waste into landfills, the soil is damaged. This destroys the fertility of the land.

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Apart from this, various disease-carrying insects collect in that area, causing fatal diseases. Most importantly, plastic pollution harms marine life.

Aquatic animals misunderstand the plastic litter present in the water. They eat it and eventually die. For example, a dolphin died because of a plastic ring stuck in its mouth.

Due to this he could not open his mouth and died of hunger. Thus, we see how innocent animals are dying due to plastic pollution. In short, we see how plastic pollution is ruining everyone’s life on earth.

We must take big steps to stop this. We should use alternatives like cloth bags and paper bags in place of plastic bags. If we are buying plastic then we should reuse it.

We should avoid drinking bottled water which contributes to plastic pollution in a big way. The government should ban plastic on the use of plastic. All this can prevent plastic pollution to a great extent.

Conclusion : Really friends, the issue of Plastic Pollution is a matter of serious concern. It is increasing due to human negligence. To stop this, we have to implement strict rules.

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