Pusa Rabibar Brata Katha Odia Pdf Download

Pusa Rabibar Brata Katha

Pusa rabibar brata katha odia pdf, pusa rabibar brata katha in odia pdf download, odia pusa rabibar brata katha pdf download. There was a king in the land of Marhatta. Her name was Sugati, she was very kind. Her queen’s name was Sushila. He was very emotional. The king treated the people like sons. He had great devotion to Guru Brahmins. He had a son in the king’s name, Ratnakar. Gradually, he became a teenager.

One day, while sitting in the company of friends, he saw a moneylender marrying his son and taking his daughter to his house. The queen, in consultation with the king on the issue of her son’s separation.

Pusa Rabibar Brata Katha, Pusa Rabibar Brata Katha odia Pdf

Summoned the good Brahmins of the state and instructed them to add good husbands to the king’s son and pay them such wages.

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After seeing many places, the royal priest chose a saint’s daughter in Karnataka. In consultation with the saint, the girl arranged a marriage. The prince’s marriage was solemnized.

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