Radhanath Ray Biography in Odia

Radhanath Ray Biography in Odia

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Radhanath Ray Biography in Odia

Radhanath Rai (English: Radhanath Rai, born – September 27, 1848; died – April 17, 1908) was a prominent poet of Oriya language and literature. They belonged to a Bengali clan that had settled in Odisha for generations. His poems created a new tradition in Odia poetry and influenced later poets up to about the middle of the twentieth century. Odia poetry was enriched by Radhanath Rai with the introduction of new forms, new themes, a new approach and greater freedom than pre-requisites.

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Radhanath Rai was born in 1848 AD in Kedarpur village of Baleshwar. Radhanath was a prominent poet of Oriya language and literature. He was weak in body. In those days one had to go to Kolkata for higher education. Due to health he could not stay in Kolkata after his matriculation examination. But one thing was special that he was the first person to pass matriculation in his district. Therefore, he got the job of a teacher easily and later he reached the post of Divisional Inspector of Schools.


Radhanath Rai acquired knowledge of many languages ​​through self-study. He had a natural talent for poetry. They were the worshipers of nature and they had a vision of the divine being in nature. From this point of view, his captivating poetic work ‘Chilika’ became very famous. He composed poetic texts like ‘Kedargori’, ‘Chandrabhaga’, ‘Mahayatra’, ‘Usha’ etc. on mythological, historical and fictional basis. His works show love for patriotism and sympathy for the poor.

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