Ramana Maharshi Biography in Telugu

Ramana Maharshi Biography in Telugu

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Our India is spiritually the world leader. Our sages are like beacons that show the way to salvation, subtle and gross, to attain infertility. Humans have been the pioneers of such virtuous lives due to the pious history of ancestry and have been the pioneers in living the ideal life.

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Sri Ramana Bhagavan was one of the first to reach the highest level in this Kali Yuga and set an example of his own life to the people, while some worshiped Sakshat Bhagavan as their Guru due to their ancestral merits. Without any guru Sushrusha, Sri Arunachaleswara was the father, the guru, the sage who changed their life into penance. They have always believed in God as their teacher.

Ramana Maharshi Biography in Telugu
Ramana Maharshi Biography in Telugu Pdf Download

Venkataramana Iyer was born on 30 December 1879 in Tiruchirappalli, near Madurai, at the age of 16. When he was alone in the house, when the mind became introverted with the fear that he was going to die, he had the feeling that `the body is mortal, but I am the incorporeal soul, and that soul is immortal ‘.

Perhaps, by reading the `Periyapuranam ‘(History of Shiva Yogis), or by the saints coming home, they came to know about Arunachalam, Sri Arunachaleswara, and the mind pulled him towards Arunachalam like a magnetic force. Along with the wonderful self-realization, those 16 vols. The boy left home and joined Thiruvanamalai with much hard work and perseverance. Since then, the word “it” has been used to describe the body. From that moment on, his teacher and father were all Sri Arunachaleshwar.

After Shiva’s visit to the temple, the boy threw his clothes and belongings on his body, became a cowboy, sat quietly in the back of the temple and did penance. Not to be outdone by the noise around, they reached the underworld in the vicinity of the temple and remained in a state of tomb for many months. Although the hair was tied up and the thighs were clotted with worms and insects, the Lord did not know anything.

Some devotees saw him in that condition and rushed him out of there and equipped him with baths. Since then he has been in the Gurumurtham monastery, guarded by saints Uddanda Nayanar and Annamalai Thambiran. Later they shifted to Pavalakundru on the Arunachal Pradesh hill. When the mother came to know about it, she wrote, “What happens is how it happens”. In 1899 he moved to Virupaksha Cave with his follower Palaniswami.

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