Ranu Mandal Biography

Ranu Mandal Biography

Ranu Mandal was born on 5 November 1960 in a district called Nadia in Bengal and was married to Babul Mandal in Mumbai. They had a daughter named Shati Mandal, Ranu Mandal was very shocked to sing music since childhood, Ranu Mandal’s full name was Ranu Maria Mandal. In 2019 this name was viral so much. So lets read the ranu mandal biography and the saddest story behind her success.

Ranu Mandal Biography
Ranu Mandal Biography

Ranu Mandal’s assumed name is Ranu Bobby since she used to sing melodies in the club prior, then, at that point she got the name Ranu Bobi from the actual club, she utilized to earn some money by singing songs in the club but neither her family members liked her voice. Nor did his work, due to which Ranu had to stop singing.

The sad journey of Ranu Mandal’s life

She had become very lonely due to not getting any support from home, later her husband died, due to which her source of income was also over, then after that Ranu Mandal started singing again. Had given. Now she would sing this song at the railway station and get some money, now her daughter has grown up, so she got married somehow. But after marriage, she did not like singing to her mother at the railway station, due to which she got away from him and never met.

Atindra Chakraborty taking Ranu Mandal to Himesh’s studio

Yes, friends, Atindra Chakravati is the only person, due to which today Ranu Mandal has become a hero from zero. Atindra Chakravati met Ranu Mandal at the station for the first time, she also fell in love with her voice, Ranu Mandal used to sing Lata Mangeshkar ji’s song Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai at the railway station, she made a video of her song and on 21 July 2019 she Posted on your Facebook account.

On seeing the video became viral and the number of people watching that video became in lakhs, when Himesh Reshammiya also saw this video, he also liked Ranu Mandal’s voice and Himesh Reshammiya brought him to his studio and he Recorded a song “Teri Meri Kahani” in the upcoming film.

When it was put on YouTube, this video became viral there too and within 2 days the number of viewers increased to 30 lakhs and it is being told from sources that Himesh Reshammiya paid him about 7 lakh rupees for this song, Although Ranu Mandal refused to take the money, Himesh Reshammiya forcefully handed him the money in hand.

Changes and happiness in the life of Ranu Mandal

Today Ranu Mandal has become a famous musician, in which the biggest hand is that of Atindra Chakraborty, who made her famous, and now her daughter, who had been separated for 10 years, has also got back. who has a girl. Today Ranu Mandal says that she has got a new life and she will make it more successful.

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Her girl also says that she was very upset because she is divorced with her husband. Himesh Reshammiya also gives full support to Ranu Mandal, Himesh Reshammiya has offered him to sing songs for his upcoming films Happy Hardy and Heer, and not only this, the biggest actor Salman Khan has also spoken about you in my films. I will sing a song and Akshay Kumar has also said that she will sing in my films too.

So companions, this was the entire story of Ranu Mandal, we trust that Ranu Mandal of companions has been climbing the steps of accomplishment in his life, continue to move towards progress. I hope you have liked Ranu Mandal Biography, Ranu mondal Biography in Hindi.

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