Rath Yatra Essay in Odia PDF Download | Rath Yatra Rachana

Rath Yatra Essay in Odia

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Odia Rath Yatra Rachana

Niladri Bihari Lord Jagannath, the supreme deity of the devout Utkalis, is the greeting of the entire Hindu nation. Jagannath Dham is one of the fourth largest in India. How many sacred festivals of Utkal have been formed centered on this ever-lilac-faced mortal Baikuntha Shrikshetra; How many traditional festivals and festivals. Based on Jagannath, the zodiac signs are poetry, hymns, and stories.

Rath Yatra Essay in Odia
Rath Yatra Essay in Odia

What a memorable time this world-famous chariot ride has been celebrated. Even after many mythological and historical studies on the origin of this procession. No public opinion has been found. According to mythology, at one time a corpse king named Vishwabasu was worshiping with a devotion, placing a sapphire idol in the middle of the Nikanchan mountain cave in the middle of the deep forest.

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He was able to find Neelmadhab by marrying Lalita, the daughter of a Brahmin cosmopolitan named Vidyapati, the commander of the Indradyumna king of Puri. Finally, one day he secretly abducted Madhav and handed it over to King Indradyumna. The king built a temple in Puri and built a temple there, where Neelmadhab was worshiped as Jagannath.

So the devotee, Vishwabasu, went crazy and could not find Neelmadhab, and he went to Puri and finally found out. He desperately begged the king for a vision of God; But the king rejected his request, calling it unpleasant. The devotee Lord Jagannath became enraged and ordered the goddess Queen Gundicha Devi in ​​the middle of the night to organize a festival like Rath Yatra.

As a result, the Achandal Brahmins, regardless of caste or creed, including the devotee Vishwasu, have had the opportunity to visit Jagannath on the chariot since that day. The pilgrimage was named after the queen, Gundicha Yat. This is one of the many views on the origin of the rath yatra.

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