Ratipriya Yakshini Sadhana in Odia

Namaskar friends welcome to our website dark odisha. Aji ame ehi article madhyamare apananku janeibaku chahunchu je apana mane kipari ratipriya yakshini sadhana kari paribe.

The seeker should receive this mantra from the Guru and chant the green seed rhythmically with pure mind and concentration and incorporate this seed in himself with full devotion so that he can work for social welfare by understanding the uses of this mantra. Before chanting any mantra directly, it is necessary to take it from the Guru, otherwise you remain untouched by many of its secrets.

Ratipriya Yakshini Sadhana in Odia
Ratipriya Yakshini Sadhana Mantra

There are innumerable such experiments which are not possible without the meditation of green seeds. Hreem Beej Mantra is very effective and very powerful in itself. When the seeker imbibes the seed mantras and moves towards the great mantras. So definitely achievement is easy.
There is a very deep relation between green seed and hypnosis power. In the upcoming post, I am trying to inform you about this topic as well.

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