Republic Day Essay in Kannada For Class 5th To 10th Download

Republic Day Essay in Kannada

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Introduction: The Republic Day of India is celebrated on January 26, the day our Constitution was enacted in 1950.
Republic Day is one of India’s three national festivals, which is why it is celebrated with great respect and enthusiasm. Caste and Tribe is celebrated without any kind of ritual.

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Content development: This day is a national holiday across the country, so its event is celebrated one day in advance in many places, such as school and office.

Republic Day Essay in Kannada

History of the Republic: When we gained independence from British rule on August 15, 1947, our country was still facing a constitutional shortage. Moreover, India did not have any experts and political powers to help state affairs run smoothly.

Until then, the Government of India Act of 1935 had been fundamentally altered to govern, however, the Act was increasingly bending towards colonial rule. Therefore, there was a need to intensify the creation of a special constitution that reflected all that India stood for.

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