Sabitri Brata Katha Odia {Savitri brata Odia Story 2021}

Sabitri Brata Katha Odia 2021

In savitri brata katha is noticed each year on the new moon of Jyeshtha month by wedded ladies. In this quick, ladies love the banyan tree, by tuning in and discussing the tale of Maha Sati Savitri. In this article, we will know the full story of Savitri and Satyavan Katha in Odia.

Sabitri Brata Katha Odia 2021, Savitri brata Story In Odia 2021
Sabitri Brata Katha Odia

Sabitri brata odia story

As per the Purana, Savitri had brought back her dead spouse’s life from Yamraj. From that point forward wedded ladies keep this quick and love Goddess Savitri for the long existence of their significant other.

So this is the anecdote about Maha Sati Savitri and her significant other Satyaban. On the off chance that you like this article, share this article with everybody.


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