Sambad Patra Essay in Odia | Best odia Essay On Sambad Patra 2021

Sambad Patra Essay in Odia

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It would not be an exaggeration to call the present era a newspaper age. We see the presence of newspapers in any place and environment. By freeing oneself from the ignorant metaphor of the past, today’s human beings have expanded the scope of their knowledge.

Sambad Patra Essay in Odia
Sambad Patra Essay in Odia

He is curious to hear about everything else with his world. As a result, today’s greatest need is born, the newspaper. It has its presence in schools, colleges, offices, bus stands, offices, markets and more. It has become a companion of happiness and sorrow for all classes of people.

Newspaper history:

A study of the history of the newspaper reveals that it first appeared in the Italian city of Venice in the sixteenth century. But others say China is the birthplace. The development of printing presses in Europe and the United States later led to the publication of daily newspapers.

During the British rule, the Bengal Gazette was first published in India in 1801. The first newspaper “Utkal Deepika” was first published in Odisha on 18 August by the opinion of Karmabir Gaurishankar. Later, in Odisha, society, democracy, the motherland, the land, the news and the progressive Prabhuti newspaper provided news coverage to the readers.

Newspaper publication:

Newspaper publishing goes through various processes. There are editors-in-chief, co-editors and journalists in various places to cover the news. It has modern printing presses and a large number of staff to operate it. There are various agencies to provide local news; For example – Press Trust of India, Hindustan Samachar, IAS, INFA, RIUTER etc. Now, with the help of computers and mobile phones, newspapers can be found soon.


Newspapers are considered the fourth pillar of democracy. It’s a great old fashioned fit for everyone. Newspapers cover weather, market prices, government plans, games, movies, literature, train and bus times, sums of money, possible natural disasters, and more. Reading our newspapers sharpens and sharpens our creativity and literary interest. The development of knowledge in all is a means of development.

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