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Sarala Das Biography In Odia

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Sarala Das Biography In Odia
Sarala Das Biography In Odia

Sarala Das Jibani In Odia

The possibility that there is a rich heritage of folklore, folklore, legend, or tradition cannot be ruled out, although it is not disputed on the basis of timely evidence, yet some of these unanswered questions can be answered in a logical way. Once upon a time there was a riot on the banks of the Chandrabhaga and the old Matangi rivers. Jhankadeshwar, Jhankadeshwari (Shri Chandi Sarla) and the great poet Sarala Das and the then religious also evolved. Although not clear, it is still popular.

On the pages of Odisha history, there is a special demand for the commemoration of the fifteenth century. As the emperor Kapilendradev’s war-sword echoed from the vast geography of Orissa to the Godavari, the vast expanse of Orissa rang out from the Ganges to Godavari.

Prosperous social liberalism, such as Vaishnavism, was in full swing. At such a critical juncture, the first sound of the new awakening was heard from the agricultural field in the unnamed village of Sarol in the Jhankar Pragana.

Farmer Siddheshwar declared himself Shudra and Shakta and composed Oriya language poems and epics. The Oriya Mahabharata epic was born in the light of the temple of Chandi in Sarol village on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river.

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