Best Sarbanama in Odia With Example 2022

Sarbanama in Odia

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Sarbanama in Odia

Ramchandra was a good king. Ramchandra was always trying to keep the people happy. Ramachandra had infinite devotion to his parents. Therefore, Ramachandra is called Bhagavan.

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In the above article, Ramchandra is a noun. It is not uncommon to hear this noun as it is frequently used. We would love to hear from you if we write it below.

Auramchandra was a good king. He always tried to keep the people happy. He had a lot of devotion to his parents. So he is called God.

ସେ Here he is, his, his- these are the nicknames. This is because these nouns are used by Ramchandra, Ramchandra, Ramchandra instead of these nouns.

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