Sarpa Janana | Odia Sarpa Janana Pdf Download

Sarpa Janana

Sarpa janana, sarpa janana lyrics, odia sarpa janana pdf download, sarpa-janana by kabi surya baladev rath pdf download.

Sarpa Janana, Odia Sarpa Janana Pdf Download

If you don’t know what to do, please forgive me

Jagannath, I remember you today

Please, I will give it to you

“Mercy is vermilion,” says Mercury

O snake, take your life

O Compassionate One (1)

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When he was in the water, he, the god of the house,

You drowned

Take your breasts, surprisingly,

O merciful house!

When we were told to take a bow, tell us,

I am not a housewife

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..

Call it the Case of the Missing Kidney

She is OK

O merciful one, in Capricorn

It’s a mystery that the feet are invisible

Why keep your feet secret?

O merciful one, you are the difference

Whether he is or not, it is called Tribuvane in Kakodar Nare

There is not a single crow in this tripistpay or you, O merciful one

He is Bibi, Bibi Bihangam Rate,

He is perverted by the law, and you are the Lord, (4)

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