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Shiv Chalisa Pdf

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O son of Girija, Lord Shri Ganesha, Glory be to you. You are auspicious, the giver of scholarship, Ayodhyadas prays that you give such a boon that all fears vanish.

O Girija husband, Glory be to you Lord Shiva, who showers mercy on the poor and downtrodden, you have always been the custodian of saints. A small moon is shining on your head, you have put hawthorn coils in your ears.

Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa Pdf Download, Shiv Chalisa in Hindia Pdf Download

Ganga flows from your hair, Mundmal around your neck (It is believed that all the heads of the garland around Lord Shiva’s neck belong to Goddess Sati, the 108th birth of Goddess Sati as the daughter of King Daksha Prajapati.

When the Goddess When Sati’s father Prajapati insulted Lord Shiva, he gave his life by jumping in the Havan Kund of Yagya, then the garland of Lord Shiva was completed. After this Sati took birth as Parvati and became immortal). Tiger skin clothes are also looking good on your body. Snakes are also attracted by seeing your image.

Mata Mainavanti’s darling i.e. Mother Parvati is in your left limb, her image also pleases the mind separately, which means that Mother Parvati is also revered as your wife. Trishul in your hands makes your image even more attractive. You have always destroyed enemies.

Shiv Chalisa Pdf Download

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