Surmai Fish in Odia Meaning and Great Benefits

Surmai Fish Meaning in Odia

Surmai Fish Meaning in Odia is Mirkali Macha (ମିରିକାଳି ମାଛ). Hello dear visitors welcome to dark odisha. This article is regarding Surmai Fish in Odia Language. Basically surmai fish we can see in sea side. Most of the fisherman of odisha going to catch this fish because of it’s high demand.

If we tell about surmai fish price in odisha it’s starts per KG 250 rupees only. It’s price depend on the quality and size of a fish.

Surmai Fish in Odia, Surmai Fish Meaning in Odia
Surmai Fish in Odia Language

Nutrition Of Surmai Fish in Odia

  • High Protein
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega3
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin D

14 Benefits of Surmai Fish in Odia Language

There are many benefits to eating surmai fish. They are given below.

  1. It contains high protein which heals the health problems of our body such as weakness, illness.
  2. The vitamin B complex in Surmai Fish has a direct effect on our body and brain. It increases the energy of our body instantly and speeds up brain function.
  3. This helps to increase the brightness of the eyes.
  4. It increase strengthens of our bones.
  5. Reduces depression
  6. Best for Blood Pressure Patient
  7. Reduce Fats
  8. It helps to increase skin molecules
  9. Completely cures fatigue.
  10. Keeps the brain healthy.
  11. Cures urinary tract infections.
  12. Helps build new blood cells.
  13. Helps heal damaged veins.
  14. It controls the amount of chemicals that are excreted in the brain, which in turn reduces hair loss.


Surmai fish are found in the sea and are available in almost all parts of India. Due to the high demand in the market, people are keen to grow surmai fish. Its market price in Odisha is Rs 250. Because of the above health benefits I would definitely recommend you to eat this fish. Not only health but also the taste of this fish vegetable is so good that it can be heard at home in Odisha.

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