90+ Tatsama Tadbhava Words List Pdf Free Download in Hindi

Tatsama Tadbhava Words List

Tatsama tadbhava words list, tatsama tadbhava in hindi, tatsama tadbhava words list pdf.

  • अग्नि – आग
  • अंधकार – अँधेरा
  • अश्रु – आँसू
  • अक्षि – आँख
  • अग्नि – आग
  • अशीति – अस्सी

Tadbhava (along with the words Tatsama and Desi is a Sanskrit term for one of the three etymological classes defined by the original grammarians of the Middle Indo-Aryan languages. Sanskrit) but which developed through language changes in the Middle Indo-Aryan phase and eventually Inherited in a modern Indo-Aryan language.

Tatsama Tadbhava Words List

Tadbhavas are distinguished from tatsamas, the term applied to words borrowed from classical Sanskrit after the development of the Middle Indo-Aryan languages; Tatsam thus retains its Sanskrit form (at least in the form of terminology). This can be compared to the use of classical Latin terminology borrowed in modern Romance languages.

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