Tenali Rama Biography

Tenali Rama Biography

You must have heard the story of Tenali Rama at some point in your childhood. In the school books, the stories of grandmother and grandmother have been mentioned somewhere or the other, today we are going to tell you many interesting things about Tenali Rama life. are the ones

Tenali Rama was born in Guntur in the state of Andhra Pradesh in 1514 century. His childhood name was Garlapati Ramakrishna, he belonged to a Telugu Brahmin family, his father used to be a very big and learned pandit, his father’s name was garlapati rammyaa and mother’s name was Lakshmamma. It is said that when Tenaliram was very young, his father died, after which his mother took care of him and the name of the village where he lived was Tenali, due to which he was later named Tenali Rama. It would be surprising to know that I was never so old as well as never given any kind of education, despite being uneducated, he was a master in languages ​​like Marathi, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. Tenaliram embraced Vaishnavism and started his life. He used to work in Bhagavata Mela Mandali in the beginning and used to help him by being a part of that congregation.

The pair of Tenaliram and King Krishnadev ji-

The pair of King Krishna Deva Raya and Tenaliram of Vijayanagara kingdom is considered to be the same pair of Akbar Birbal. Once upon a time, I had come to Vijayanagar for my congregational work. And there he met King Krishnadeva Raya. Krishna Deva Raya was very much impressed by his performance and kept him as a poet in his court. Tenaliram was so clever that he gradually made his place in the mind of the king. And in just 2 years, he deposited a good talent in Raj Mahal, a film has also been made in Kannada language on Tenaliram ji. Apart from this, Cartoon Network shows many cartoon plays to tell children about his greatness. Apart from this, many of his stories have been printed in our school books today, by reading which children try to make them feel very happy and clever.

One story that became very famous is this-

Once a foreign merchant came to the court of King Krishnadeva Raya, this merchant met the king and told him that king you have many ministers and most of these ministers are very intelligent. Talking about this matter, he asked permission from the king that he wanted to test the knowledge of the ministers.

The king gave the order to that merchant, then did the merchant give three dolls, these three dolls were the same in appearance, after giving the doll to the king The merchant told the king that your minister will tell me the difference between three dolls that look alike within 30 days, I will consider them the greatest minister, although Tenaliram was not entrusted with this work, but for a long time no minister could tell, that after all, the same What is the difference between these looking dolls?

Then the king entrusted the same task to Tenali Rama and as soon as the thirty days were over, the merchant came to the king’s court seeking an answer to his challenge. Then what was Tenali Rama told the merchant that out of these three dolls, one doll is good, one is fine while one is very bad. Everyone was surprised to hear this answer of Tenali Rama, on what basis Tenali gave this answer. Then Tenali Rama put a wire in the ear of a doll in front of everyone and that wire came out of the doll’s mouth.

Then in the same way he put a wire in the ear of another doll and that wire came out of that doll’s other ear. And when the wire was inserted in the ear of the last doll, that wire did not come out of any place. After which Tenali Rama said that the doll from whose mouth the wire has come out, that doll is bad. Because if someone tells her something, she will inform everyone about that matter. On the other hand, the doll whose wire came out of her ear is fine, because if someone tells her something, she will not listen to him carefully. At the same time, whoever tells her the last doll, she will keep it inside her heart.

That’s why that doll is good. In this way, listening to the answer given by Tenali Rama, the merchant along with the king was surprised. But Tenali did not stop here, he said about these dolls, that the first doll is one of those people who listens to knowledge and distributes it among the people.

Rather, the second doll is among those who do not understand what is taught and the last doll is among those who keep knowledge to themselves. The king was very happy to hear this answer of Tenali too. The merchant also understood that what he had heard about the wisdom of the king’s minister was correct.

As we do not have any information about Tenali Rama’s death, we cannot give you his information. How did you feel after reading this tenali ramabiography, definitely tell me in the comment box.

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