Togalu Gombe Information in Kannada

Togalu Gombe Information in Kannada

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  • Ancient folk art
  • Promotion in the villages
  • Preparing skins
  • Preparing the field
  • Charming game.

Folk painting is expressed in a special way in the play of dolls. The purpose of this game is pure entertainment, the depiction of leather dolls and the art of playing with dolls.

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This art is very ancient. The folk art has grown in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra and Orissa. In Andhra Pradesh it is known as ‘Tolu Bommalata’. Known as ‘Cut Putali’ in Northern India, this fine art is also found in countries like China, Thailand and Java. We can see that this art is still alive abroad.

Togalu Gombe Information in Kannada
Togalu Gombe Information in Kannada

Doll Ramers, Whispers, Kittakatas have always been known to us. Not only do we see these people playing leather dolls, but also packing their toys in wooden baskets and visiting the villages. The villagers believe that the rain will come if the toy is arranged. This has led to much publicity in the countryside.

Leather toys are unique in structure. It was made from animal skins. In the game, God made the deer skin, because of the role of angels. Goat, cow, and buffalo are used for this purpose.

First, the skin, hair, etc. will be scraped off. This makes the skin semi-transparent. Then cut it to the desired shape and mark the image line with sharp tools on it. Then they cut their skin. During the exhibition period, the organs are painted separately. Paint colors that match the images. Piercing with jewelry makes the holes in the light shine like pearls.

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The dolls are two to six feet tall. The main characters are bigger than the other characters. Toys stand erect or bamboo sticks for them to stand upright.

The theater prepares the theater in a unique way. The two dolls stand and pull the white cord between them. There will be a barrage around. This means that those sitting behind the punch are not visible to the audience. Where there is an audience there is darkness. They put a large oil lamp behind the punch. The light falling on the punch makes the punch a light curtain.

Players sitting behind the lamp play with dolls, holding bamboo sticks tied to the dolls. When the dolls are pressed into the screen, their images are visible to the audience outside the screen. The colors are clearly visible.

Sometimes the game even shows the plant, animal, and bird to impress. The doll says the song and talk according to the story circumstances. They have also arranged appropriate instrumental backgrounds. Leather toy game for people provides great entertainment.

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